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July 14, 2015

Birth Story, Anyone?

Hopefully I am back from my blogging hiatus - I am ready to get caught up with this stuff! My last post detailed some of my pregnancy and had me clocked in at 37 weeks. As you probably realize, I am no longer pregnant. Instead, I have a new little (now three-month-old) baby! Do you want to hear about the delivery?

This pregnancy was very different from my last, which I think is mainly because my body had already done it all before. I wasn't nearly as sick as I was the first time (I only threw up twice in the first trimester instead of multiple times daily), but I had a lot of other new pains in my back, hips, and pelvis. I'm sure that entertaining a two-year-old while pregnant made things different this time around as well. I started having Braxton Hicks contractions right around 16 weeks, although they didn't even feel real until closer to 36 weeks. I would have steady contractions for hours and hours (like all through the night keeping me awake), sometimes as close as four minutes apart. They were mostly painless (just uncomfortable) but would stop as suddenly as they had started. After a few rounds of this I was starting to get frustrated. If I was going to have such regular contractions then I would prefer to get a baby out of it! A few days before my due date I got my wish.

Saturday, April 11
7:30 am - Scott gets home from his overnight shift in the ER
8:00 am - I start having regular contractions while in the shower
8:30 am - Scott goes to bed, Cannon and I leave for Walmart. My contractions get painful in the car.
9:30 am - We head to the Children's Museum (free day!)
10:00 am - Cannon runs around the museum. I follow, having regular (and painful) contractions.
12 noon - We head home, have lunch, and Cannon naps. I pack our bags for real.
2:30 pm - I update Scott's mom and sister Janelle then check that Cannon can stay with a friend.
3:00 pm - Cannon wakes up and wants to color. I wake Scott up and tell him that we need to go soon.
3:30 pm - I call the hospital to tell them I'm coming. Scott showers and packs his bag for work.
4:00 pm - We all leave the house together and take Cannon to our friend's house.
4:30 pm - Driving to the hospital, listening to Goo Goo Dolls. Contractions four minutes apart.
4:45 pm - We arrive at the hospital!
5:00 pm - Meet the OB. I am dilated to a six and am being admitted. We update friends and family.
7:30 pm - I am in my room, getting an IV with fluids and antibiotics.
8:00 pm - Epidural is in and feels great! Scott goes to the ER to get his night shift covered.
10:00 pm - I get my second (and last) dose of antibiotics.
10:30 pm - The doctors are all in the OR with a complicated C-Section. I can feel contractions more now, and the baby is moving lower.

Sunday, April 12
12 midnight - One OB comes to break my water, but it breaks while we are talking about leaving it intact. We try a few pushes and realize that baby is ready, so the nurse quickly gathered everyone for delivery.
12:44 am - Baby Andrew is born!