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March 24, 2015

Pregnancy Update

I'm still pregnant over here and just hitting the (full term!) 37 week mark. Up until this month I have been kind of set on this guy's birthday being within a day or so of his due date (just like Cannon), but I have been feeling more and more lately that little man will arrive before our April 15 due date. I guess we will find out soon!

At my 36 week appointment, my OB said we should come up with a plan for what to do if I go over my due date. She said they don't do inductions until 41 weeks, which I understand. That's cool. Then she was like "Now if you're okay at 41 weeks we can actually monitor you daily for another week before inducing you at 42 weeks. So think it over and at our next appointment we can make a plan and schedule your induction just in case you need it. So, 41 weeks or 42 weeks. Let me know." Oh lady. Let me tell you that 42 weeks is not happening! She did make me feel better by saying that she doesn't think I will actually go past my due date, but the mention of 42 weeks was not exciting in the least.

Everyone at the grocery store likes to comment, probably because you can safely say that I am pregnant just by looking at me. The people who talk to me the most are actually men in the 50-60 age range. The comments started off as "How long do you have left?" and "I hope you're getting close!", but now it's things like "You look like you could go any day now!" It really doesn't bother me, especially because I know better than anyone how big I am. I am glad that the conversations aren't lengthy and full of advice though, it's mainly people who want to wish me well which is actually kind of nice. One lady didn't say a thing about my being pregnant, but stopped me to talk about how nice the weather was outside (to be fair it was sunny and like 60 degrees). She tried to talk to Cannon and he just held up a tortilla in front of his face (yes, he was eating a tortilla while we finished our shopping). He is good at ignoring folks he doesn't want to talk to.

All through December and January I wanted red meat all the time. I'm just going to chalk that up to my anemia. I have been taking my iron supplement in addition to my prenatal vitamin, and for the most part it has curbed my need for red meat. I still want to eat ice though. All the time. Anytime we go to Costco or the mall I ask for a water cup and walk around eating the ice. I even had Scott bringing home cups of ice for me every day from the hospital - they have that really great crushed ice! Otherwise I just make and eat lots of ice at home. All day every day.

Pelvic pain y'all. It's real. Little man is very active, maybe even giving Cannon a run for his money! He has been much lower than Cannon was and I think that's the reason for the early discomfort and the constant need to use the bathroom. The plus side to this is that I really haven't had him up in my ribs much (until now...) and there hasn't been pressure on my lungs. The pelvic pain is seriously terrible though. i have been waddling for weeks because of it, but I just learned to manage it for the most part. I babysat for a friend for a few days in February, and that was really tough because of all the bending, lifting, crawling, and floor sitting that goes on with a three-year-old, two-year-old, and nine-month-old. It definitely felt like my bones were on fire most of the time, so my babysitting days are over until further notice. Kudos to women who have kids that age all the time, especially while pregnant!

The other night I told Scott that I am so tired of feeling this way that I am ready for all the postpartum stuff instead. He was pretty surprised to hear that, but I think that was at the height of my pelvic/his pain. I have been feeling better since then, so I'm a little more content to keep this guy in for a few more weeks. My friend Jan asked if this pregnancy had been different than my first one, and that got me thinking. Everything has been SO different this time around! I feel like everything (gaining weight, sleeping less, round ligament pain, braxton hicks, etc.) just happened sooner for the most part. I have already gained 10 lbs more than I did with Cannon, and I still have three weeks left. Some of my maternity shirts aren't quite covering my tummy anymore! I didn't think that day would come... haha!

Saturday night I had regular contractions all through the night and through the morning at church. Little man was also moving like crazy the whole time, which is exactly how things started when I went into labor with Cannon. I wasn't too worried because while I was uncomfortable, I wasn't in pain and I was able to focus on other things. Scott got home from work just before Cannon and I got back from church, and it was about that time that the contractions started picking up and becoming painful. I was finding it hard to talk through some of them and I couldn't stay standing with each one. I headed to bed for a while and things slowed down. The painful contractions stopped and they became less frequent all-together. I have still been having regular contractions since then, but very few are painful. Scott kept asking, "Are we having a baby today? Are we having a baby tomorrow? How about the next day?" I don't think he will be here quite that soon, but it is probably time to pack a bag for the hospital instead of waiting until the final hour like I did last time. :)

Yesterday was my 37 week appointment and my OB is convinced that I won't make it to my due date (let alone 41 weeks), so we didn't schedule an induction. My Group B Strep was positive though, so we have to make sure I get at least four hours of antibiotics while in labor before the baby is born. I guess I probably can't sit around at home while in labor this time, I'll have to go in sooner just to be sure. With everything from the last few days, I am definitely feeling more anxious about this dude's arrival. I started preparing early, but I still feel that there is so much to do! It definitely wouldn't be ideal to have the baby for another few weeks, mainly because Scott's schedule is pretty crazy and there isn't really a way to change that. His next rotation starts on April 6 which will really lighten his load because he has paternity leave and vacation time scheduled in. I have also been worried about where Cannon will go if baby arrives before Scott's parents do, but I had a bunch of friends approach me at church on Sunday and offer to help.

My last update included pictures up to 28 weeks, so here are a few more I have taken since then. Please excuse the selfie-style, dirty mirror, and unmade bed background.

31 Weeks

33 Weeks

37 Weeks