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February 13, 2015


Well, we haven't been up to much since the holidays. The little man and I spent a good six weeks passing a cold back and forth, but I think it has finally left for good! It was also insanely cold for a few weeks so we stayed home a lot. We really just ventured out when taking Scott to work (I wasn't ok with him walking to work at 6 am with a wind chill putting temps around -20) and to go to the store once or twice. Our play groups were even rescheduled because it was so cold out! We watched a fair amount of football with all the college bowl games happening, and Cannon enjoyed relaxing with Scott and eating snacks.

We are getting closer and closer to little baby's arrival, and I am in full nesting mode. Aside from wanting to organize baby stuff, I am really into organizing and cleaning out everything possible. I went through all of my printed photos and scrapbooking stuff as well as my craft stuff. Cannon had a blast playing with the cool stuff we found, and I enjoyed throwing a bunch of stuff in the trash and in the donation bag. I also went through my cookbooks and my jewelry box. Next up I need to clean out my fabric and sewing stuff.

I think that our little guy is going to be a good big brother! We enjoyed snuggling together a few days ago, and he kept scooting down to give kisses and loves to baby brother. :)

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  1. Awww those pics are so sweet! No biting though!!!