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February 1, 2015

Holiday Flashback

Now that it's February and all, I thought I would share two of my favorite things from Christmas. Cannon's craft from nursery, and the cards! We received so many wonderful cards from family and friends, and I loved having them hanging up for a while. After we dropped off homemade goodies for a few neighbors (most of whom are elderly ladies) they each brought us something in return. One friend gave us a cute box full of m&ms and wrote on the card "for the little one", another left a gift for Cannon (a pack of matchbox trucks that he adores), and the lady who lives below us (we have never actually met) left us the sweetest card! It said, "What a delightful surprise and treat to find the Christmas sack of home-made goodies at my door! Thank you so much! It was a 'Hallmark Movie'." That card was my favorite, and although I haven't met her I was glad she enjoyed the treats. I'm sure we aren't very quiet upstairs neighbors and things are only bound to get a little more noisy.

Fun side note, I was cleaning up our extra bedroom and found a small stack of our Christmas cards that didn't get mailed out. Oops! So, if you didn't receive a card from us yet, look forward to a fun February Christmas card in your mailbox! I'll get them sent out this week.

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