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February 1, 2015

Guilty Pleasure

So I really love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Like a lot. I first watched it when Scott was off hiking Mount Timpanogos (years ago) and I didn't want to go to bed alone (they started the hike around midnight so they could be at the top for the sunrise). Side note: Sleeping alone now comes with the job.

Well nowadays I don't watch the seasons quite as religiously (in fact I haven't watched any of this season yet), but I am still a fan and I keep up with the "news" of the show. Last season on The Bachelorette, one of the guys was an Iowa boy so I was always rooting for him! He wasn't "the one" for her, but this season he is the new Bachelor! I am really excited to watch his season.

In September we had the rival game here in Iowa City (Hawks vs Cyclones) and a few days before the game I learned that the famous Bachelor, Chris would be taking photos and signing autographs before the game! Well. I had to go. I had a fun time walking to the stadium and seeing all the awesome tailgating action while Scott was working, then I stood in a really long line to meet the guy. Cannon came with me, and I was one of two women who came with their kid. So there's that. The rest of the line was a bunch of college girls hoping that he would fall in love with them at first sight. I just figured that I'm a fan and he's kind of famous so I should take the opportunity to meet him!

Just before they closed shop and Chris went to the game, we got to meet him! Apparently he is a Cyclone fan, but he still complimented Cannon on his Hawkeye shirt. We said hello, snapped a quick photo and went on our way! Oh and there was a rumor that Cody was also there, standing just off the stage where Chris was, but I didn't see him. Fun side note, you can see my baby bump in the photo as well.


  1. Love this! I totally would have made my kids stand in line with me to meet THE bachelor!