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February 13, 2015


Well, we haven't been up to much since the holidays. The little man and I spent a good six weeks passing a cold back and forth, but I think it has finally left for good! It was also insanely cold for a few weeks so we stayed home a lot. We really just ventured out when taking Scott to work (I wasn't ok with him walking to work at 6 am with a wind chill putting temps around -20) and to go to the store once or twice. Our play groups were even rescheduled because it was so cold out! We watched a fair amount of football with all the college bowl games happening, and Cannon enjoyed relaxing with Scott and eating snacks.

We are getting closer and closer to little baby's arrival, and I am in full nesting mode. Aside from wanting to organize baby stuff, I am really into organizing and cleaning out everything possible. I went through all of my printed photos and scrapbooking stuff as well as my craft stuff. Cannon had a blast playing with the cool stuff we found, and I enjoyed throwing a bunch of stuff in the trash and in the donation bag. I also went through my cookbooks and my jewelry box. Next up I need to clean out my fabric and sewing stuff.

I think that our little guy is going to be a good big brother! We enjoyed snuggling together a few days ago, and he kept scooting down to give kisses and loves to baby brother. :)

February 1, 2015

Guilty Pleasure

So I really love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Like a lot. I first watched it when Scott was off hiking Mount Timpanogos (years ago) and I didn't want to go to bed alone (they started the hike around midnight so they could be at the top for the sunrise). Side note: Sleeping alone now comes with the job.

Well nowadays I don't watch the seasons quite as religiously (in fact I haven't watched any of this season yet), but I am still a fan and I keep up with the "news" of the show. Last season on The Bachelorette, one of the guys was an Iowa boy so I was always rooting for him! He wasn't "the one" for her, but this season he is the new Bachelor! I am really excited to watch his season.

In September we had the rival game here in Iowa City (Hawks vs Cyclones) and a few days before the game I learned that the famous Bachelor, Chris would be taking photos and signing autographs before the game! Well. I had to go. I had a fun time walking to the stadium and seeing all the awesome tailgating action while Scott was working, then I stood in a really long line to meet the guy. Cannon came with me, and I was one of two women who came with their kid. So there's that. The rest of the line was a bunch of college girls hoping that he would fall in love with them at first sight. I just figured that I'm a fan and he's kind of famous so I should take the opportunity to meet him!

Just before they closed shop and Chris went to the game, we got to meet him! Apparently he is a Cyclone fan, but he still complimented Cannon on his Hawkeye shirt. We said hello, snapped a quick photo and went on our way! Oh and there was a rumor that Cody was also there, standing just off the stage where Chris was, but I didn't see him. Fun side note, you can see my baby bump in the photo as well.

Holiday Flashback

Now that it's February and all, I thought I would share two of my favorite things from Christmas. Cannon's craft from nursery, and the cards! We received so many wonderful cards from family and friends, and I loved having them hanging up for a while. After we dropped off homemade goodies for a few neighbors (most of whom are elderly ladies) they each brought us something in return. One friend gave us a cute box full of m&ms and wrote on the card "for the little one", another left a gift for Cannon (a pack of matchbox trucks that he adores), and the lady who lives below us (we have never actually met) left us the sweetest card! It said, "What a delightful surprise and treat to find the Christmas sack of home-made goodies at my door! Thank you so much! It was a 'Hallmark Movie'." That card was my favorite, and although I haven't met her I was glad she enjoyed the treats. I'm sure we aren't very quiet upstairs neighbors and things are only bound to get a little more noisy.

Fun side note, I was cleaning up our extra bedroom and found a small stack of our Christmas cards that didn't get mailed out. Oops! So, if you didn't receive a card from us yet, look forward to a fun February Christmas card in your mailbox! I'll get them sent out this week.