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January 25, 2015

Another Little Man!

In late July I started noticing a few signs of being pregnant, but I held off on actually taking a test. I was waiting for what I determined to be the 6-7 week mark when I was sure the morning sickness would hit. Then the pregnancy test would just be more of a confirmation to what I already knew. Well that point came right about the time that Cannon had surgery. Although my stomach seemed to be a little more sensitive than usual, I still didn't take a test for another week or so. I didn't tell Scott my suspicions until I finally had the official proof, and we were both excited but waited a bit to tell our families. 

I got myself in quickly for an OB appointment while Lisa was in town so she could watch Cannon for me, and I had an ultrasound to determine the actual gestation. I was measuring about a week behind what I had initially thought, so I recalculated my due date and starting telling people that April 15 was the day!

This pregnancy has been so different from my last that I was convinced up front that I was having a girl. I wasn't nearly as sick and only threw up once or twice, although I did have some weird cravings and I felt nauseous all the time. I ate a lot of tomatoes, oranges, raspberries, apples, carrots with ranch, cucumbers and pickles. I was really specific about the types of tomatoes and pickles even though I tried not to be picky. Don't worry about that healthy list though, I balanced it out with countless pop tarts and ritz crackers with easy cheese on top. I also drank a lot of milk and gatorade while anything carbonated and sugary made me sick. I also didn't feel up to eating chicken very much either.

I was glad when the sickness and fatigue wore off, especially because I have Cannon around. I felt so bad being curled up on the couch and watching way too much TV, but played with him as much as I could. I at least let him pick what we watched, which was usually Toy Story 1-3. It felt good to go places without feeling sick and being able to eat a little more normally again.

At my 18-week appointment I also had my anatomy ultrasound and Scott was able to come! He was working nights at the time and finished morning rounds just before my appointment started. The ultrasound went well and everything looked good on the little man. We were so excited when the tech said it was a boy that we gave each other a high five. We are really excited for Cannon to have a brother! The ultrasound tech made a big deal about how I was still measuring a week behind and she was really concerned. Long story short, we ended up officially changing my due date to April 15, which is something that I thought had been done weeks before.

Initially I planned to have a gender reveal because we were finding out the gender just before our trip home for Thanksgiving. Then I realized that we would actually have to wait two weeks before telling anybody, and one of those weeks would be around family where I was sure I would slip up and mention it. So, we told everyone the day we found out and then we had a "Gender Celebration" instead. It was low-key but super great! My sisters-in-law made it happen and I couldn't have been happier about it. We had delicious snacks and tasty treats that were blue. Cannon seemed to enjoy himself as well!

This time I have had a lot more back and hip pain, which I wasn't expecting so early in the game. It has actually tapered off a little bit since I have learned better how to handle it. I realized that certain activities will make the pain worse later in the day, so I'm careful with that stuff. Sleeping is more tricky now that I can't be on my tummy or my back, but I have figured that out for the most part as well. Our little guy is really active just like Cannon was! The other night he punched me so hard that I saw a little fist poke out from my stomach - weirdly cool. Today during church I was feeling some swift kicks to my ribs and realized that little man was head down! Since he still has plenty of space to roll around I'm not putting much stock in him staying that way, but it was encouraging that he sat that way for a few hours.

My glucose test was a few weeks ago and I passed with flying colors, although my blood work showed that I am slightly anemic. I actually had the same levels as I did with Cannon! After giving birth before I was very low on iron and it made me quite tired and dizzy. I am now taking an iron supplement in addition to my prenatal so we can hopefully avoid low levels when this guy arrives. The contractions also started in about four weeks ago, and although they are painless they always remind me of what is to come. :) I have a few contractions throughout the day where my tummy gets really hard and I can't quite catch my breath. This is one thing that feels exactly the same as my first pregnancy. 

I have been planning some freezer meals to make ahead of time, and I got out all of Cannon's clothes from size newborn to three months. As we get closer I think I'll put the next sizes out of storage too, just so I have easier access to them. I briefly sifted through some of the clothes and was amazed at how little Cannon was and how little this guy will be! In the coming months I'll get all the clothes settled for our newest addition. I have also been making sure that we have a good stock of some basics that I don't want to run out of like toilet paper, laundry soap, deodorant, razors, etc. As we get a little closer to my due date I'll be sure to build a nice stock of snacks for Cannon and I. Last time around I had trouble eating enough while I was nursing, so I want to be prepared!

I definitely started showing sooner this time around, and I seem to be carrying just a little differently. I also had to bust out the maternity pants much quicker than last time, and my wardrobe is a little sparse now because not much fits. Out of my maternity selection, about half of it isn't really wearable for winter in Iowa so I invested in a few new pieces with longer sleeves (I have never been so happy while browsing through the clearance racks at Target!). My jackets and coats no longer close over my tummy, although I think that my ski jacket might do the trick if needed. At least it has warmed up a little bit and we don't really go play at the park when it's 20 degrees, so I think I'll be ok. Last week I had to take off my wedding ring - something I never had to do last time around. I have also developed a case of the cankles. No big deal, I just think it's interesting how one pregnancy can vary so much from the last!

Last time around I posted a few photos of my growing baby bump here. I was really diligent taking pictures last time around, but I think that is mainly because I looked presentable every day for work and felt up to taking photos. This time I have had quite a few days in yoga pants, sweat pants, t-shirts, and sweaters so I didn't exactly feel up to taking many photos. Now without further ado, here are some shots I have taken to keep track of this pregnancy.

13 Weeks
15 Weeks
18 Weeks
20 Weeks
24 Weeks
27 Weeks
New sweater!
28 Weeks
New dress!
Overall, we are very excited and quite grateful to be having another little one join our family and we are excited for the big day!


  1. I love everything about this post!!!! I am greatly relieved this pregnancy has been better than with Cannon. You look gorgeous and totally have the glow :) Miss you all!

  2. You are the cutest! We can't wait to meet your little man!

  3. The greatest article! And I absolutely LOVED seeing the photos of you! Love you!