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December 6, 2014


Guys. We went home for Thanksgiving. Right?! Basically it's unheard of to have time off as an intern on holidays, but we got lucky! Scott happened to have a vacation-eligible rotation over Thanksgiving, and the approved the holiday week! We still figured that five days weren't enough to travel home, but then he got both weekends plus two more weekdays off! So we snagged some plane tickets (the plus-side to all of Scott's travel last year for interviews is that we had a chunk of miles to use).

We had a fun time for Thanksgiving and utilized Pinterest for some ideas. The food was SO delicious (let's just shout out to Janelle for the homemade rolls!) and the company couldn't have been better.

Cannon quite enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal as well, although he was too skeptical to try the pie. Thanksgiving evening, the ladies went out to see Hunger Games (and it was awesome). The day after Thanksgiving, the rest of the family arrived and we attempted a family photo with the timer. This is the best you get in that scenario with two two-year-olds.

We had the best week being home, and it was really hard to get on the plane and come back to Iowa. Only three-and-half years left, right? ;)

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