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December 23, 2014

Our Christmas

Cannon and I have been busy enjoying the season! We have decorated the tree and set up our nativities. We drove around to see some Christmas lights while waiting for Scott to be done at work (side note: Iowa is not a Christmas lights kind of place) and we made a felt tree with decorations. We have baked lots of goodies and had such a fun time delivering them to our friends and neighbors! Cannon was also quite good at sampling each treat that we made. We have also spent time getting gifts wrapped and under the tree while watching fun Christmas movies. And this year we got to send out a few Christmas cards!

Scott will be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (in fact, he has been working every day since the 8th and won't be off until the 27th. 19 days on. Scott is a champ for sure!) but will have a holiday break for a few days over New Years. We have some fun plans to keep things festive and cheerful for all three of us while Scott is working (including visits to the hospital!), and we will have our gift-opening when Scott has a day off. I also have some of Scott's favorite meals planned for the days that he can be home (shhh, it's a surprise). I am so excited! In short, we are ready to kick-off our first Christmas that is truly on our own and I think it will turn out nicely.

We came in to residency knowing that Scott would be working many holidays over the next few years especially so it wasn't a surprise, but I did read a few things from fellow doctor wives recently. The first is a brief reminder that Christmas is about Christ. Here is what she said:

"Christmas, then, is about family, a special family, that winked into existence as all families do with the birth of an extraordinary baby. Christmas celebrates that child who grew up to be Christ. Who never turned away the sick or lonely, and especially not the children, not when He was tired or it was inconvenient, and probably He went out helping people on Yom Kippur and Hannukah, even when His ever-graceful mom just wanted to have a sit-down meal with the whole family together.

And if that's how He whose birth we celebrate spent His time, how can I begrudge [my husband's] residency giving him the opportunity to pay tribute to Christ by tending to the sick and showing compassion to those who would surely also rather be home with their families? 

So here's our Christmas: we will celebrate on the twenty-fourth or twenty-sixth with the music and the food and the presents and the children festooned with ribbons and bows. And on Christmas, we will celebrate Christ."

The second story you can read by clicking here. It was very refreshing to hear these perspectives, especially when Scott is currently on rotation with the pediatric surgery patients. So yes, our gifts and yummy food and new toys will come another day, but we can still celebrate Christ no matter the day.

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