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December 27, 2014

You Know You Have a Toddler When...

Entire boxes of cereal are dumped out (to be fair, they are now poured into a bowl).
Every ping-pong ball known to man gets thrown behind the TV stand.
Packing peanuts are the best toys out of all the toys.
Still-packaged string cheese develops bite marks.
Stickers line the comforter on your bed.
Toy cars live on every shelf in every closet through your house.

Toy cars take over the doll house.
Toy cars take over the church bag.
Toy cars take over the airplane (hey, they have places to be).
Toy cars learn to reproduce.

This is part three of my series. You can see part one here and part two here. These pictures are great at capturing our wonderful life.

Merry Christmas!

Today we had our full-on Christmas celebration and had such a good time! Scott has worked for the past 19 days, so it was actually a little strange having him home all day long. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely a good strange having him here.

The super awesome part about celebrating Christmas on the 27th is that you really get to celebrate for four days straight. On Christmas Eve, Cannon and I joined a few other resident spouses for a potluck lunch at the hospital. Scott wasn't able to join us, but a few of the residents were able to come see their families! The rest of the day we spent at home playing with toys and eating treats until Scott came home around 6:30. I made beef stew for dinner (a favorite of ours, and a Christmas Eve tradition at my cousin's house) and Cannon got to open a few presents that I chose for him: Christmas pajamas and a new book! He liked the pjs until he opened the book, then didn't care for them. The book is "My First Book Of Mormon Stories" and we read the two pages about Samuel the Lamanite prophesying the birth of Christ, and Christ's birth. We figured that was a pretty good way to read the Christmas story to a two-year-old.

On Christmas Day, Scott went to work nice and early as usual while Cannon and I slept in a little and played some more. I have had a cold for a few weeks, and it seems that Cannon just caught it from me. He mostly just seemed run down, and was quite ready for a nap at noon. After we both had naps we headed to a new friend's house for Christmas dinner! I have met some great people through Iowa Medical Partners, and these folks are no exception. They invited anyone and everyone who didn't have a place to go on Christmas to come to their house. We joined a handful of other families there (some were residents) and had such a good time! Cannon got to play with all the other kids and I got to make some new friends. The host is a urologist so we had a good long chat about residency and Cannon's surgery. Scott was done at the hospital earlier than expected, so after having a fabulous dinner, the hosts packed a tupperware of dinner for Scott and we went to pick him up. We let Cannon have another go at opening presents, and he chose his own for the first gift. After opening a pair of Elf on the Shelf pjs from Scott's parents, I strategically chose a second gift for him that contained some plastic safari animals. He was thrilled! He played with them nonstop until bedtime, then insisted on taking them to bed. I obliged.

The 26th was another low-key day for us, especially because Cannon hadn't slept well and was very tired. The night before, I had stayed up rocking Cannon since he had a low fever and was pretty congested. He was a little cranky, but happy to play with his new animals. I only had to tell him once that we weren't opening more presents until dada came home. I wanted to avoid the store, but we needed a thing or two. Cannon seemed eager to leave the house, although he was still unhappy from being tired and sick. Surprisingly enough, the store wasn't too busy and we got our things easily enough. We got to facetime with my grandma and my family the day before, and this afternoon we got to skype with the rest of my family. Cannon and I made cookies for Santa and after Scott came home we went for the presents once again. I didn't hold back this time and let Cannon choose something I knew he would love - a fire truck from my parents. Saying he loved it might be an understatement, and he got to take it to bed. He was up for an extra hour playing with it in bed - we could hear the sirens go off every few minutes.

This morning was Christmas time! Cannon woke up early, still a little cranky and wanted to open presents right away. In all fairness, he had been very patient all week only opening two at a time so I let him open his gift from Marcus (a new truck!) to hold him over until Scott woke up. He kept asking for dada and knocking on the bedroom door, so we finally went in and got Scott. Cannon was quite happy to have free reign of the gifts, although he definitely took time playing with each new toy before moving on to the next present. He seemed to like pulling lots of things out of his stocking as well. Scott and I had a fun time going through our stockings and opening gifts that we got from friends and family. I must mention that we both received Hawkeye hoodies and I couldn't be more thrilled! Little baby even got a blanket from grandma and grandpa. After opening our gifts I made cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, all of which was devoured quickly by the three of us. We spent the rest of the day playing with new toys and watching Curious George. For dinner I made bacon wrapped steaks, mashed potatoes with gravy, and rolls. It was so nice and SO tasty! Once again, Cannon insisted on taking his favorite toys to bed, but we had to veto some choices (much to his dismay).

Really though, today could not have been more fabulous. It was fun, relaxing, and delicious. If anything it was great to just spend the day all together (which we get to do again tomorrow!) Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 23, 2014

Our Christmas

Cannon and I have been busy enjoying the season! We have decorated the tree and set up our nativities. We drove around to see some Christmas lights while waiting for Scott to be done at work (side note: Iowa is not a Christmas lights kind of place) and we made a felt tree with decorations. We have baked lots of goodies and had such a fun time delivering them to our friends and neighbors! Cannon was also quite good at sampling each treat that we made. We have also spent time getting gifts wrapped and under the tree while watching fun Christmas movies. And this year we got to send out a few Christmas cards!

Scott will be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (in fact, he has been working every day since the 8th and won't be off until the 27th. 19 days on. Scott is a champ for sure!) but will have a holiday break for a few days over New Years. We have some fun plans to keep things festive and cheerful for all three of us while Scott is working (including visits to the hospital!), and we will have our gift-opening when Scott has a day off. I also have some of Scott's favorite meals planned for the days that he can be home (shhh, it's a surprise). I am so excited! In short, we are ready to kick-off our first Christmas that is truly on our own and I think it will turn out nicely.

We came in to residency knowing that Scott would be working many holidays over the next few years especially so it wasn't a surprise, but I did read a few things from fellow doctor wives recently. The first is a brief reminder that Christmas is about Christ. Here is what she said:

"Christmas, then, is about family, a special family, that winked into existence as all families do with the birth of an extraordinary baby. Christmas celebrates that child who grew up to be Christ. Who never turned away the sick or lonely, and especially not the children, not when He was tired or it was inconvenient, and probably He went out helping people on Yom Kippur and Hannukah, even when His ever-graceful mom just wanted to have a sit-down meal with the whole family together.

And if that's how He whose birth we celebrate spent His time, how can I begrudge [my husband's] residency giving him the opportunity to pay tribute to Christ by tending to the sick and showing compassion to those who would surely also rather be home with their families? 

So here's our Christmas: we will celebrate on the twenty-fourth or twenty-sixth with the music and the food and the presents and the children festooned with ribbons and bows. And on Christmas, we will celebrate Christ."

The second story you can read by clicking here. It was very refreshing to hear these perspectives, especially when Scott is currently on rotation with the pediatric surgery patients. So yes, our gifts and yummy food and new toys will come another day, but we can still celebrate Christ no matter the day.

December 6, 2014


Guys. We went home for Thanksgiving. Right?! Basically it's unheard of to have time off as an intern on holidays, but we got lucky! Scott happened to have a vacation-eligible rotation over Thanksgiving, and the approved the holiday week! We still figured that five days weren't enough to travel home, but then he got both weekends plus two more weekdays off! So we snagged some plane tickets (the plus-side to all of Scott's travel last year for interviews is that we had a chunk of miles to use).

We had a fun time for Thanksgiving and utilized Pinterest for some ideas. The food was SO delicious (let's just shout out to Janelle for the homemade rolls!) and the company couldn't have been better.

Cannon quite enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal as well, although he was too skeptical to try the pie. Thanksgiving evening, the ladies went out to see Hunger Games (and it was awesome). The day after Thanksgiving, the rest of the family arrived and we attempted a family photo with the timer. This is the best you get in that scenario with two two-year-olds.

We had the best week being home, and it was really hard to get on the plane and come back to Iowa. Only three-and-half years left, right? ;)

Scottie Boy

Last month we celebrated our anniversary! I'm late in posting this, but here are some of my favorite pictures of Scott from the past seven years. First up, Smiley Scott! Highlights here include when he hiked Mount Timpanogos (a yearly feat where he wrote the same thing) and the time he ran into a wall at work and split his forehead open.

Next up, Character Scott! At the top left we have Harry Potter, which is probably the most recognizable character. We also having flying guy, mask guy, killed-by-a-nerf-gun guy, and mask-wearing guy.

And we now have more of Awesome Scott! I especially love the top right photo where the dog has his paws wrapped around Scott's arm.