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October 13, 2014

Life Update

I used to write a lot about our day to day lives, but haven't done that much for quite a while. Want to know what we have been up to? Not a lot, really, but here goes!

I have gotten back into baking and tried to let the little man get involved. He is much more interested in eating the finished product. We made these fabulous cookies that turned out so well! This Chocolate Cutout Cookie recipe is my absolute favorite (and goes SO well with powdered sugar frosting). Well this time around I didn't want to frost all of the cookies, so I used some pie crust cutters and they worked so well! The cookies are just the right size to eat and they look great. I also made some chocolate cupcakes from scratch. They weren't bad, but I don't think I will use the recipe again.

Scott took Step 3 of his boards (basically it never ends) and we are glad that it is behind us! The nice thing is that he only had to pass (although he still wants a good score) so he didn't have to stress as much this time around. It also helps to have been in residency for a few months before taking the exam. When he went to the testing center to check in, the attendants asked what kind of test it was and Scott told them it was a board exam for doctors. They were shocked that doctors would be in their testing center. Haha! We won't get his scores back for a few weeks, but hopefully they will be good and we will be in the clear for a while! I did pack a lunch for Scott and was sure to put it in Cannon's Cars bag with Lightening McQueen on the front. Don't worry, everyone gave him weird looks.

I spent a half day going to the temple in Nauvoo! We had ward temple day and so I took advantage of the opportunity. They had babysitting in the stake center by the temple so I was going to bring Cannon along, but Scott happened to be off work! The boys stayed home together while I drove to Nauvoo and back. I had such a nice time on my quick trip. It was fun to be back in Nauvoo during the fall as well, since the first time I visited was over Halloween.

Lastly, I saw this sign at Walmart during back to school. Oh my. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy.

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