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September 30, 2014

You Know You Have A Toddler When...

Bath toys are lined up on the windowsill.
Regular toys are all dumped out. At the same time.
Toy cars park themselves in kitchen drawers.
They also park themselves in the fridge.
Packing materials are strew around the room.
Army men take refuge with the baby wipes.

Toys are dumped out. Again and again. (And toddler limbs find their way into pictures)
Tasty pouches of food are discovered.
Food is dumped in the living room (usually popcorn).
Favorite toys have to be duplicated when lost. Then you find the one that was lost.
Couch cushions don't want to stay on the couch anymore.

This is part two of what I think may be a lengthy series. See part one here. I actually love all of these pictures. Just capturing life around here - the good life.

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