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September 30, 2014

You Know You Have A Toddler When...

Bath toys are lined up on the windowsill.
Regular toys are all dumped out. At the same time.
Toy cars park themselves in kitchen drawers.
They also park themselves in the fridge.
Packing materials are strew around the room.
Army men take refuge with the baby wipes.

Toys are dumped out. Again and again. (And toddler limbs find their way into pictures)
Tasty pouches of food are discovered.
Food is dumped in the living room (usually popcorn).
Favorite toys have to be duplicated when lost. Then you find the one that was lost.
Couch cushions don't want to stay on the couch anymore.

This is part two of what I think may be a lengthy series. See part one here. I actually love all of these pictures. Just capturing life around here - the good life.

September 12, 2014

Herky The Hawk

Remember a few months back when I mentioned Herky? Well here is a continuation of those pictures. You can also see all the Herkys here. Are you ready?

This first set of pictures is with the older style Herky from the first Herky on Parade. These ones are still out and about in the area. At the bottom we have a jazz player Herky, which we found at the downtown Jazz Festival. The Herky on the far right at the bottom is a super creepy clown one that lives at the hospital.

Wrestling Highlight Herky - Back to Our Roots Herky - Coach Herky - Flower Power Herky
Andy Warhawk - The Golden Herky - Outta Sight Herky - Just Herky

Bachelor Herky - Homegrown Herky - Technicolor Herky - Herky of the Opera
Iowa's Jazz Capitol Herky - C(Herk)itry - Organic Herky - Sgt Herky

Marching Band Herky - Herky On-Call - Outta This World Herky - Cyborg Herky
Uncle Herky - Referee Herky - Rough Hewn Herky - #Herky

Hayden Herky - Father/Daughter Herky - Herkules - You're the One Herky
Superhero Herky - Chrome Herky - In the Paint Herky - Captain Herk

Wizard Herky - Faces of Herky - Baker Herky - Daredevil Herky
Gymnast Herky - America Needs Farmers Herky - Gladiator Herky - Wood Grain Herky

Wrestler Herky - Herky of the Opera (Repeat) - Uncle Herky (Repeat) - Conductor Herky
Batherk - Checkmate Herky - Dr. Herky - Hunter Herky

Here are a few more photos of us with Herky. Cannon loved to run over to each Herky and give him a love before pointing out trucks driving by or driving his cars around.

Herky On-Call is my favorite, since it rings true at our house. :) On the back it says, "Presented to all Children of Iowa by the Residents and Physicians of the UI". Not to mention the fun things painted all over it! Check out the close-up here. The Golden Herky was a big deal because it was unveiled at a secret location in mid-July (well after the parade had begun). The first finders got prizes, then the location was announced. He was placed on Sutliff Bridge, north of Solon. Places I had never heard of! Just as I was preparing to make the trek out there, he was moved to University Heights, not far from us! We took a long Sunday walk to visit him as a family.

We had a lot of fun out and about this summer while Herky Hunting. It was a great way to get to know Iowa City and spend some time outdoors. Herky on Parade has ended now, so all the Herkys are gone. :( There was a final farewell to the Herky's at Fryfest, the night before the football season opener, but we couldn't make it. We missed seeing a bunch of Herkys, but oh well! They are all up for auction now, and most have been sold! I hope that means we will be seeing some of them again soon.