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August 12, 2014

State Fair Year Two

I love the fair. The people, the food, the butter cow...I mean really. Spending a day there is kind of awesome when you only do it once a year. I really wanted to take Cannon and do some of the kid stuff, but we will wait until next year for that. This time, Scott and I went on our own and the little man stayed home with my mom who is visiting for a few weeks. There was a cool tribute to American Gothic that I had heard about and we happened upon it quite easily (because it was huge). The house in the painting is modeled after a home in Iowa, and it's a tourist hot spot for those who know. I plan to go eventually, but you can dress up and take your picture in front of the house! I am so there. We also wandered by the butter cow, because how can you go to the fair and not see the butter cow? It was a really busy day though, being the first Saturday of the fair and all.

Now do you want to know the real reason that I got Scott to drive to Des Moines and go to the fair? Goo Goo Dolls. Remember in February when we went to the free outdoor concert in Boise? Well after that awesome experience I looked up their tour dates. They were scheduled to be in Utah in July, but I knew we would be long gone by that time. Then I saw that they would be playing at the Iowa State Fair in August and I thought, "Wow! If we match to Iowa, then we could probably go!" After matching to Iowa, I set a reminder on my phone to buy tickets the morning they went on sale, then I did just that. I know it was a little crazy not knowing Scott's schedule for August, but I took a chance!

Fast forward a few months. Things worked out for us to go to the concert! My mom is in town so she was able to watch Cannon, and Scott happened to have about 18 hours off in between shifts. He has been working 6-6 every day plus pre-rounds and he usually gets out late...something about patients needing a doctor ;). He went to work early Saturday morning, then came home in the early afternoon. After lunch we took off and had dinner in Des Moines. We wandered around the fair until the grandstand opened, then relaxed in our seats so Scott could sit down for a while.

The concert was fantastic. Plain White T's opened, and they were so great! I was a little surprised at how much I liked them live. They played a few songs I hadn't heard, but also played Hey There Delilah, 1234, and Rhythm of Love. Seriously so good. After a brief set change, Daughtry took the stage. Much to our disappointment, we didn't enjoy it much. Yes I sound old for saying so, but the music was so loud! It wouldn't be a problem, but I was really looking forward to hearing Daughtry sing. We could barely hear his voice over the music, even on the more chill songs. It was not our fave, although I did enjoy his last song called Long Live Rock and Roll. We were glad when Daughtry left the stage, and even more ecstatic when Goo Goo Dolls came on! Look out Dashboard Confessional, because Rachel has a new all-time favorite band. I can't get enough of these guys! They are fantastic to watch live, and I love how Johnny just sings how he feels instead of sticking to the recorded version. I was sad that they didn't get to finish singing Come To Me though, because some dudes in front of the stage were fighting. Johnny was not happy, and stopped the show. When all was settled he switched guitars and moved into the next song. I was sad we didn't hear the end of the song, since it's basically my favorite.

The concert ended and we left the fairgrounds just before midnight, getting back home by 2 am. Scott slept on the way home, then we went straight to bed. He got up at 5:00 for a full day at work while I got to sleep until Cannon woke up at 7:00. Worth it.

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