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August 1, 2014

Nauvoo, Anyone?

So we now live less than two hours from Nauvoo, and it is our new temple district! Historic Nauvoo is a nice place to step back in time and bask in the beauty. While my dad and brother were here we went for a few days to visit. They had never been, so it was fun to show them the sites!

Scott had his first week of vacation only three weeks in to residency. Luck of the draw, I guess! He has three weeks total of vacation through this first year and they have to be used one full week at a time. The day after my birthday we drove to Nauvoo to see the pageant and go to the temple. After checking in to our hotel and having a casual dinner, we went to the Old County Fair in Historic Nauvoo. It was so much fun! I was bummed to see the handful of protesters at the entrance, but such is life. There were games, dancing, and kid activities leading up to the start of the pageant. Cannon did really well and fell asleep shortly after the pageant started and it got dark. The pageant was really enjoyable, and I would love to go back to see it each summer. The outdoor stage is set so you can see the temple on the hilltop behind it, and they light it up at the end. It was simply beautiful.

The next day we took turns going to the temple so one of us could be with Cannon while the other one went to the temple. Cannon and I went to the local school to play on the awesome playground and it was so fun! It was super hot, but we stayed for a long time before finally retiring to the arrival center where he could color and play with toys while we took advantage of the AC. We plan to head back to Nauvoo again in the next few weeks while my mom is here to visit!

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