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August 1, 2014

Iowa City is My Fave

Really, guys. Iowa City is fabulous. Let me just tell you that I belong here. Let me start by telling you that I have wanted to be a legit Hawkeye fan since we first moved to Iowa, but I didn't have any ties aside from liking the mascot (more on Herky later) and the colors. Now I live a mile from the stadium and I can't wait for game season to begin! I am still in the market for a perfect t-shirt (for the Can-man too) but I am in love with the stadium, so I took some pictures. Isn't is magnificent? I think so.

Ok now Iowa City itself is better than I could have imagined. There are so many things to do here and it feels like a great place to have a family (despite U of I previously being ranked the number one party school). Downtown is a great place to walk around and enjoy. They have random pianos that anyone can play, and there are creatively painted benches everywhere! Just outside of the library is the Ped Mall with giant playground as well as a fountain/splash pad for the kids. There are some great restaurants and shops (like Raygun) and a killer farmer's market. We go every Saturday to buy our produce and I love it!

While my dad and brother were still here we went to the municipal airport for a free airshow and it was so much fun! We also went to the Iowa Children's Museum (free on certain nights) and found a few parks within walking distance of our house. The other day I drove to a friend's house for lunch with all the new ladies in the ward and it was just out of town. I love the picturesque beauty of Iowa. There is something to be said for rolling hills and corn fields gently sway in the breeze.

There are a few networks of fabulous ladies that I am taking part in. First is the Iowa Medical Partners group. It is a place for all those whose partner is doing something medical at the University, whether is be dental school, residency, fellowship, etc. It is so fantastic to have a support group of those who are living the same life as you are. We have play dates, children's activities, book club, spouses night out, and other fun things! We had a welcome brunch to kick off the year and I had a great time. They also provide things like post-partum meal support which is definitely going to be fantastic when the time comes. I also follow the Iowa City Mom's Blog and it has been such a wonderful resource! It has all the information you need for living and thriving in Iowa City while meeting other moms like you. I can't forget to mention our ward at church. There are some really nice people here and we have enjoyed starting to get to know some of them. Have I said it enough yet? I love Iowa City!

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