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June 29, 2014

Vegas Vacation!

After we got back from Iowa, we spent a few more days in Boise then hit the road again. After a couple of nights in Utah, Scott and I drove to Vegas for a few days with our BFFs Dave and Jan. We did our own thing during the day, then got together with our friends each night for dinner, bowling, swimming and a movie. We had a lot of fun! We made sure to visit Hershey's World inside of New York New York (turns out it was the grand opening!) and were impressed by the Statue of Liberty carved out of chocolate. We also wandered through M&M world before heading to Coca-Cola World to try to flavors of the world (let's just acknowledge that I am butchering all the names here). It was fun to taste everything, although some of them were straight up nast. We had a good time on our mini-vacation before heading back to Utah to prepare for our move.

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