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June 30, 2014

So We Got a New Car

Just before we left Boise the passenger side mirror on our GrandAm fell off. (We were kind of expecting it since the thing has been loose for a LONG time).

On our way to Vegas the cruise control stopping working. (This wasn't surprising considering that until then you had to hold the button in to keep the cruise on). 

On the way back to Provo (in Cedar City actually) our AC quit. Like for reals stopped working. (Now this has been gradual as well, so while it sucked really bad, it was also unsurprising). 

Now that it sounds like our car is terrible, let me assure you that aside from these (kind of major) things, the car is pretty fantastic for being 14 years old. And I'll have you know that Scott fixed the mirror and the AC. The cruise control is lost forever. 

Despite the functionality of our beloved Rhonda, we bought a new car. A second car. Allow me to introduce you to our new pal, Neal.

It took weeks to get Neal in our driveway after we found him, and he arrived just in time for our move. We used quite the process for naming him after asking for suggestions via Instagram. He is a fantastic car and we are incredibly glad to have him!

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