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June 30, 2014

So We Got a New Car

Just before we left Boise the passenger side mirror on our GrandAm fell off. (We were kind of expecting it since the thing has been loose for a LONG time).

On our way to Vegas the cruise control stopping working. (This wasn't surprising considering that until then you had to hold the button in to keep the cruise on). 

On the way back to Provo (in Cedar City actually) our AC quit. Like for reals stopped working. (Now this has been gradual as well, so while it sucked really bad, it was also unsurprising). 

Now that it sounds like our car is terrible, let me assure you that aside from these (kind of major) things, the car is pretty fantastic for being 14 years old. And I'll have you know that Scott fixed the mirror and the AC. The cruise control is lost forever. 

Despite the functionality of our beloved Rhonda, we bought a new car. A second car. Allow me to introduce you to our new pal, Neal.

It took weeks to get Neal in our driveway after we found him, and he arrived just in time for our move. We used quite the process for naming him after asking for suggestions via Instagram. He is a fantastic car and we are incredibly glad to have him!

Fun Times With Family and Friends

We kept very busy during our last few weeks in Utah. We had a couple of family BBQs, went to the splash pad with cousins and again with friends, visited with great-grandparents and played at the park. I also spent a few days at the office while Scott and Cannon had a blast together.

We had a surprise dinner celebration for Scott's graduation, and we had a sleepover with our pals Casey and Leslie. We had so much fun spending time with everyone that it was hard to pack up and leave again (this time for real).

June 29, 2014

Miller Family Reunion

The day after we got back from Vegas, the three of us headed to Park City our Miller Family Reunion! We missed Landon, Julie and Taylor this year, but hopefully we can all be together again soon. We had a lot of fun exploring Park City. I have been there so many times, but never really seen the touristy things. We toured the Olympic Park (so cool!) and went on the Alpine Slide. We also hot tubbed, watched movies, and ate delicious food. Our reunion video is in the making, so look forward to it!

Be sure to check out Cannon's expressions in these family shots below. Priceless!

Vegas Vacation!

After we got back from Iowa, we spent a few more days in Boise then hit the road again. After a couple of nights in Utah, Scott and I drove to Vegas for a few days with our BFFs Dave and Jan. We did our own thing during the day, then got together with our friends each night for dinner, bowling, swimming and a movie. We had a lot of fun! We made sure to visit Hershey's World inside of New York New York (turns out it was the grand opening!) and were impressed by the Statue of Liberty carved out of chocolate. We also wandered through M&M world before heading to Coca-Cola World to try to flavors of the world (let's just acknowledge that I am butchering all the names here). It was fun to taste everything, although some of them were straight up nast. We had a good time on our mini-vacation before heading back to Utah to prepare for our move.

June 9, 2014

Trip to Iowa

For Scott's graduation we traveled back to Iowa. We spent a few days in Des Moines for all the graduation festivites before heading to Iowa City to find a place to live.

We had some pretty close quarters for the week in a hotel with four adults and a toddler, but we had some good times. Cannon's sleeping schedule was definitely off (to say the least) and he definitely fell asleep laying across my stomach a few times. The day before graduation we went to the family picnic at DMU for lunch and to the banquet for dinner.

Now let me tell you about Herky the Hawk. Herky is the mascot of University of Iowa. This summer they are continuing the "Herky on Parade" and it is so cool! Here are just a few of the Herkys that we saw around Iowa City, and we plan to see them all this summer. I'm so excited! I seriously love Herky, and so does the little guy. You can check out all of the Herkys here.

Orlando Trip

Scott and I have been talking about a trip for years, and decided that graduation would be our best opportunity until after residency. We have a short list of places we would like to visit, but this trip couldn't be too crazy. Although we no longer have to pay tuition and Scott has a paid gig now, we still have some student loans to get to work on.

We started talking about Harry Potter World and how awesome it would be to go there... And so our trip was born! We were able to get a good deal on our hotel and park tickets, as well as a rental car. Our airfare was pretty standard, as was our food bill from eating mostly at the parks. 

We left the little guy at home (yep, we left our kid at home while we went to Disney World) and had a fantastic time. On day one we got to Magic Kingdom at opening time and didn't leave until it closed. Since it was a weekend, we were there from 9 am to 12 midnight. It was SO awesome. We went on all our favorite rides 4-5 times (if you go, get the app! It tells you wait times for every ride, menus for every food place, and allows you to manages your fast passes.) and didn't wait longer than 25 minutes for any ride (unless you count Jungle Cruise. Why is that wait SO long?). 

We also went to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios (and it POURED rain), then spent time at both of the Universal Studios parks. We utilized our park hopper passes like crazy and by the end of our trip had actually gotten to the point where we were done with theme parks. On our last night we got a pizza, sat by the pool, and took a dip in the hot tub. 

But guys. Harry Potter World. I loved it. Did you know they are opening an expansion of the park this month? We could see pieces of it and I have already decided that we have to go back to see it (not for a few years of course). Platform 9 3/4, Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Diagon Alley... It will be insanely cool. 

Oh. And I took a lot of pictures. I'm sure you can figure out which collage is full of pictures we took for Cannon.

June 2, 2014

Doctor Scottie

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Scott D. Miller, D.O.!

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that we were feeling like this day would never come, yet here it is!

I am overcome with gratitude toward all those who have helped us along the way. Thank you to everyone who has been involved, whether great or small. We truly appreciate every word of encouragement and expression of kindness. We could not have done it without help from others (especially the professors, am I right?). 

Most of all I am very proud of Scott and all of his hard work. He has done a great job setting and achieving his goals (one of which was to be an anesthesia resident at U of I) throughout the past four years especially. Way to go Dr Scottie!