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May 2, 2014

Getting There: Part Two

Remember this post? You may not. I wrote it in 2010, just after we had moved to Des Moines. Well, I decided to update my checklist! So how did we get here?
  • Medical School. Check.
  • Bachelor's Degree. Check.
  • Additional requirements. Check.
  • MCAT. Check.
  • Applications. Check.
  • Interviews. Check.
  • Acceptance. Check.
  • First two years of med school. Check. (Click here to read about year one)
  • Round one of Board Exams. Check.
  • Two years of rotations. Check.
So now we just have to get through residency and a fellowship! Bring. It. On.

Scott's first year of residency is his intern year, where he rotates through other specialties just like he did during the last two years in school. We just got his schedule, so we know when he rotates through each service. Getting ready for graduation and residency has been a little crazy, but things are coming together nicely. Scott didn't take all of his vacation time during the year, so he finished rotations last week. You heard me right! So we have some vacation time until graduation (Memorial Day weekend) and then a little more time off until residency starts (late June). We have a lot of fun stuff planned before our move date, so we will definitely be keeping busy!

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