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May 2, 2014

Flashback Friday: The Iowa State Fair

So we went to the Iowa State Fair last August, and somehow I never blogged about it! (Kind of like how I didn't blog about going to the Omaha Zoo. Basically I missed a lot of stuff close to our move). This was our third state fair in Iowa - not meaning the third we went to, just meaning the third we had a chance of going to. Scott doesn't really like fairs or carnivals (I love them) and it's not super cheap so we never went. Well this year I made definite plans to go since it's one of the top state fairs in the country and we were planning to move  and maybe never come back. There is no time like the present!

The weekend that we were planning to go, our friends in Kansas City called to ask if they could stay with us while they came up for the fair. Definitely! It worked out perfectly so we could all go together. When we lived in Utah we worked at APX (now called Vivint) with Jon and Alyson. They are both from the Midwest, and the year after we moved to Iowa, they moved to Kansas for law school! They arrived on Friday night (with their darling little girl) and we spent hours reminiscing about the "good old days" at APX. On Saturday morning we all went to Denny's for breakfast, then headed to the fair! We spent the whole afternoon seeing all the animals (including the famous butter cow!), eating fresh corn dogs (my fave!), then grabbing some customary deep fried food. I got deep-fried Oreos and Jon got a deep-fried Twinkie. Not something I would eat often, but it was fun to try! After leaving the fair we went our separate ways. It was so fun to spend the day with our friends!

Now that we are heading back to Iowa City, I just might make it back to the state fair...why not, right? We actually discovered that Goo Goo Dolls are playing at the fair this year (along with Daughtry and Plain White Tees) so we are hoping that Scott's schedule will work out so we can go. Right now it doesn't look promising, but a girl can dream!

Flashback Friday: Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

Guys. I can't believe I didn't blog about this. We went to the Omaha Zoo! This wasn't super recent though...we went last August right before we moved. The zoo was fantastic and huge and awesome and we spent all day there. We went with our pals the Stettlers and had a great time! We left first thing in the morning (on a Saturday) so we could get there close to opening time (it was a two-hour drive), but we stopped at McDonald's just outside the zoo and had an early lunch.

The zoo itself was fabulous, and we all enjoyed our time there. Scott pretended to be a flamingo, Casey got pooped on by a bat, and I got to nurse Cannon in the jungle or the rainforest or something. Pretty great. We walked the entire zoo and saw every animal we possibly could, then left the park just before closing time. We drove to downtown Omaha to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant that Casey and Leslie had been to before. On the drive home, everyone was exhausted from being in the sun all day. Cannon and Scott even slept a bit.

Getting There: Part Two

Remember this post? You may not. I wrote it in 2010, just after we had moved to Des Moines. Well, I decided to update my checklist! So how did we get here?
  • Medical School. Check.
  • Bachelor's Degree. Check.
  • Additional requirements. Check.
  • MCAT. Check.
  • Applications. Check.
  • Interviews. Check.
  • Acceptance. Check.
  • First two years of med school. Check. (Click here to read about year one)
  • Round one of Board Exams. Check.
  • Two years of rotations. Check.
So now we just have to get through residency and a fellowship! Bring. It. On.

Scott's first year of residency is his intern year, where he rotates through other specialties just like he did during the last two years in school. We just got his schedule, so we know when he rotates through each service. Getting ready for graduation and residency has been a little crazy, but things are coming together nicely. Scott didn't take all of his vacation time during the year, so he finished rotations last week. You heard me right! So we have some vacation time until graduation (Memorial Day weekend) and then a little more time off until residency starts (late June). We have a lot of fun stuff planned before our move date, so we will definitely be keeping busy!