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April 22, 2014


At the beginning of March, we drove back to Utah for Scott's next rotation at UVRMC. During our time in Utah we had a great time with family and friends while anxiously awaiting Match Day. Let me tell you about Match Day in the words of wikipedia:

"Match Day occurs on the third Friday of March each year at each of the 155 medical school in the United States where the results of the National Resident Matching Program are announced. By entering the Match system, applicants are contractually obligated to go to the residency, internship or fellowship program at the institution to which they were matched. The same applies to the programs; they are obligated to take the applicants who matched into them."

Now the interesting thing is that currently, there is a separate match for DOs and MDs. (Military members also have a separate match, as do a few specialties such as Urology and Ophthalmology.) DOs can participate in either match, and in our case it was much more beneficial for Scott to go through the MD match that is described above. He took extra board exams and registered through the MD match in order to qualify for the anesthesia programs that he was most interested in.

Prior to Match Day, the applicants travel all over the country to interview with different programs. Once the interviews are complete, each program "ranks" their candidates while all candidates "rank" their programs. Rank lists are all private. The lists are all submitted and an algorithm is used to optimally match residents to programs. There is a lot more that goes in to the process from all sides, but let's keep this fairly basic.

Most schools have a Match day celebration, but DMU doesn't do that. Which is dumb. But anyway, on the morning of Friday, March 21 Scott received an email letting him know where he matched to.


Forget about the fact that we ranked this program number one on our list...we are thrilled. Back to Iowa! And, I can now become an official Hawkeye. I need to get one of these shirts ASAP.