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January 28, 2014

Twilight Fandom

I admit, I am a fan of the Twilight books. I love the easy read, the suspense of vampires vs werewolves, and the arguably weak female lead. I am not as big a fan of the film adaptations. They strike me as extremely low-budget (especially the first one) and I skipped through most of the first movie of book four. I didn't even see the last one, but I still go back and watch the first few when I'm feeling like it.

Anyway, Scott is in Phoenix tonight and we had this conversation via text:

Scott: Twilight is awful. Bella just brought her kid to some freak in black and red garb. Also there is a huge dog that doesn't look real.
Rachel: Ah you're watching the one i haven't seen! Gasp.
Scott: This is crazy bad. Some chick just got decapitated and set on fire. Can't stop watching.
Rachel: Yep. That one had the final battle in it.
Scott: Looks that way. Bunch of peeps in the snow. Debating is the child a threat. Freaky. Done now.

After this he called me and proceeded with a play by play of what was happening. I told him that I haven't read the books in ages (maybe it's time to do so again?) so I really wasn't sure who all the vampires were that he was describing to me. I told him to just read all the books before he watches the last movie again. Then he will be able to enjoy the movie. Right? Hah!

January 25, 2014

Hey, It's Me Again

Hi. I haven't blogged since November. I realize that this is a trend of mine (it comes and goes) but I still feel the need to mention it each time it happens. Would you like the photo story of our lives from the weeks since Thanksgiving? If so, read on!

Whenever I have the chance (and sometimes a reason) I really enjoy baking. I took full advantage of a ready kitchen and a family wanting treats. After all, the holidays are the best time to bake goodies! Am I right? Well, I made few dozen different cookies (gluten free included) and Cannon was a willing participant in the taste testing. Who knew that grandparents loved to give treats to their grandbabies? The evidence is below: chocolate smeared on Cannon's face... his lips sucking in that popsicle... I do have to say that the kid really does take after me in the food arena though. Look at him handle that popcorn! He will eat the whole bag if I let him. Insert sigh of contentment here.

The next bunch are a few of my favorite photos from Thanksgiving in Boise. Cannon and I playing outside in the leaves, Scott licking "The Liberty Bell" (Barney Stinson, anyone?), Janelle and I rocking the selfie, and my fabulous mother-in-law opening birthday presents. Oh, but my favorite of them all is at the bottom left. I die. Guys. This little boy owns me! I would like to thank Scott's sisters for putting together the little cowboy photo.

I have always loved Cannon's hair - he has had a fair amount of hair since he was born. It seems to have gotten lighter and sometimes looks red in the sun. I let it grow until I really felt I had no choice but to cut it. Even then, I had them keep it long. No short spikes on top, just trimming it off his neck, around his ears and out of his eyes. I took him to a kid haircut place and it was fantastic. Look at the way the place was decorated! I have already planned to go back for Cannon's next trim.

At the beginning of December we came back to Utah. We waited out a storm and checked the road reports daily before making the drive since we didn't have any pressing engagements. Scott was on vacation until January and it was kind of fantastic. Just after Christmas we met up with our pals Casey and Leslie and went to Temple Square together. It was so much fun! we haven't been in a few years and it was nice to be back. They were our pals in Iowa, although they are also from Utah. Until next time, friends!

We had lots of fun at the Miller Family Christmas Party with Scott's extended family. Cannon had a great time, but it really wore him out (not to mention it was WAY past his bedtime). For Christmas, Cannon got some cool stuff (I hope it's always this easy to buy for him...ha!) including snowpants that we have yet to put to use. There were some wicked icicles hanging off of the house...they looked so majestic and so dangerous. We knocked them down before the melted and fell on anyone. we spent some family time at the mall and snapped a few photos, and I got to go snowboarding! It has been years since I went boarding, and I went with my family (although they all rocked the skis). Lastly, I got a new hairbrush after Cannon dipped mine in a urine-filled toilet. It's pink, it's sparkly, and I love it.

Now for some pictures of Scottie! Although his pictures generally explain themselves, here are some brief descriptions. We went to nickelcade with my family and Scott loved cashing in our tickets. We used them to get lots of Laffy Taffys. My parents found his old APX softball shirt from before we moved to Iowa. Scott took the liberty of utilizing the fountains at City Creek for drinking...and got some chlorine. And yes, we filled a shopping cart with distilled water. We bought every gallon that was left on the shelf.

Of course, we celebrated Christmas and did lots of other awesome stuff, but for now I will bid you adieu and wish you a belated Happy Christmas!