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December 27, 2014

You Know You Have a Toddler When...

Entire boxes of cereal are dumped out (to be fair, they are now poured into a bowl).
Every ping-pong ball known to man gets thrown behind the TV stand.
Packing peanuts are the best toys out of all the toys.
Still-packaged string cheese develops bite marks.
Stickers line the comforter on your bed.
Toy cars live on every shelf in every closet through your house.

Toy cars take over the doll house.
Toy cars take over the church bag.
Toy cars take over the airplane (hey, they have places to be).
Toy cars learn to reproduce.

This is part three of my series. You can see part one here and part two here. These pictures are great at capturing our wonderful life.

Merry Christmas!

Today we had our full-on Christmas celebration and had such a good time! Scott has worked for the past 19 days, so it was actually a little strange having him home all day long. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely a good strange having him here.

The super awesome part about celebrating Christmas on the 27th is that you really get to celebrate for four days straight. On Christmas Eve, Cannon and I joined a few other resident spouses for a potluck lunch at the hospital. Scott wasn't able to join us, but a few of the residents were able to come see their families! The rest of the day we spent at home playing with toys and eating treats until Scott came home around 6:30. I made beef stew for dinner (a favorite of ours, and a Christmas Eve tradition at my cousin's house) and Cannon got to open a few presents that I chose for him: Christmas pajamas and a new book! He liked the pjs until he opened the book, then didn't care for them. The book is "My First Book Of Mormon Stories" and we read the two pages about Samuel the Lamanite prophesying the birth of Christ, and Christ's birth. We figured that was a pretty good way to read the Christmas story to a two-year-old.

On Christmas Day, Scott went to work nice and early as usual while Cannon and I slept in a little and played some more. I have had a cold for a few weeks, and it seems that Cannon just caught it from me. He mostly just seemed run down, and was quite ready for a nap at noon. After we both had naps we headed to a new friend's house for Christmas dinner! I have met some great people through Iowa Medical Partners, and these folks are no exception. They invited anyone and everyone who didn't have a place to go on Christmas to come to their house. We joined a handful of other families there (some were residents) and had such a good time! Cannon got to play with all the other kids and I got to make some new friends. The host is a urologist so we had a good long chat about residency and Cannon's surgery. Scott was done at the hospital earlier than expected, so after having a fabulous dinner, the hosts packed a tupperware of dinner for Scott and we went to pick him up. We let Cannon have another go at opening presents, and he chose his own for the first gift. After opening a pair of Elf on the Shelf pjs from Scott's parents, I strategically chose a second gift for him that contained some plastic safari animals. He was thrilled! He played with them nonstop until bedtime, then insisted on taking them to bed. I obliged.

The 26th was another low-key day for us, especially because Cannon hadn't slept well and was very tired. The night before, I had stayed up rocking Cannon since he had a low fever and was pretty congested. He was a little cranky, but happy to play with his new animals. I only had to tell him once that we weren't opening more presents until dada came home. I wanted to avoid the store, but we needed a thing or two. Cannon seemed eager to leave the house, although he was still unhappy from being tired and sick. Surprisingly enough, the store wasn't too busy and we got our things easily enough. We got to facetime with my grandma and my family the day before, and this afternoon we got to skype with the rest of my family. Cannon and I made cookies for Santa and after Scott came home we went for the presents once again. I didn't hold back this time and let Cannon choose something I knew he would love - a fire truck from my parents. Saying he loved it might be an understatement, and he got to take it to bed. He was up for an extra hour playing with it in bed - we could hear the sirens go off every few minutes.

This morning was Christmas time! Cannon woke up early, still a little cranky and wanted to open presents right away. In all fairness, he had been very patient all week only opening two at a time so I let him open his gift from Marcus (a new truck!) to hold him over until Scott woke up. He kept asking for dada and knocking on the bedroom door, so we finally went in and got Scott. Cannon was quite happy to have free reign of the gifts, although he definitely took time playing with each new toy before moving on to the next present. He seemed to like pulling lots of things out of his stocking as well. Scott and I had a fun time going through our stockings and opening gifts that we got from friends and family. I must mention that we both received Hawkeye hoodies and I couldn't be more thrilled! Little baby even got a blanket from grandma and grandpa. After opening our gifts I made cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, all of which was devoured quickly by the three of us. We spent the rest of the day playing with new toys and watching Curious George. For dinner I made bacon wrapped steaks, mashed potatoes with gravy, and rolls. It was so nice and SO tasty! Once again, Cannon insisted on taking his favorite toys to bed, but we had to veto some choices (much to his dismay).

Really though, today could not have been more fabulous. It was fun, relaxing, and delicious. If anything it was great to just spend the day all together (which we get to do again tomorrow!) Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 23, 2014

Our Christmas

Cannon and I have been busy enjoying the season! We have decorated the tree and set up our nativities. We drove around to see some Christmas lights while waiting for Scott to be done at work (side note: Iowa is not a Christmas lights kind of place) and we made a felt tree with decorations. We have baked lots of goodies and had such a fun time delivering them to our friends and neighbors! Cannon was also quite good at sampling each treat that we made. We have also spent time getting gifts wrapped and under the tree while watching fun Christmas movies. And this year we got to send out a few Christmas cards!

Scott will be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (in fact, he has been working every day since the 8th and won't be off until the 27th. 19 days on. Scott is a champ for sure!) but will have a holiday break for a few days over New Years. We have some fun plans to keep things festive and cheerful for all three of us while Scott is working (including visits to the hospital!), and we will have our gift-opening when Scott has a day off. I also have some of Scott's favorite meals planned for the days that he can be home (shhh, it's a surprise). I am so excited! In short, we are ready to kick-off our first Christmas that is truly on our own and I think it will turn out nicely.

We came in to residency knowing that Scott would be working many holidays over the next few years especially so it wasn't a surprise, but I did read a few things from fellow doctor wives recently. The first is a brief reminder that Christmas is about Christ. Here is what she said:

"Christmas, then, is about family, a special family, that winked into existence as all families do with the birth of an extraordinary baby. Christmas celebrates that child who grew up to be Christ. Who never turned away the sick or lonely, and especially not the children, not when He was tired or it was inconvenient, and probably He went out helping people on Yom Kippur and Hannukah, even when His ever-graceful mom just wanted to have a sit-down meal with the whole family together.

And if that's how He whose birth we celebrate spent His time, how can I begrudge [my husband's] residency giving him the opportunity to pay tribute to Christ by tending to the sick and showing compassion to those who would surely also rather be home with their families? 

So here's our Christmas: we will celebrate on the twenty-fourth or twenty-sixth with the music and the food and the presents and the children festooned with ribbons and bows. And on Christmas, we will celebrate Christ."

The second story you can read by clicking here. It was very refreshing to hear these perspectives, especially when Scott is currently on rotation with the pediatric surgery patients. So yes, our gifts and yummy food and new toys will come another day, but we can still celebrate Christ no matter the day.

December 6, 2014


Guys. We went home for Thanksgiving. Right?! Basically it's unheard of to have time off as an intern on holidays, but we got lucky! Scott happened to have a vacation-eligible rotation over Thanksgiving, and the approved the holiday week! We still figured that five days weren't enough to travel home, but then he got both weekends plus two more weekdays off! So we snagged some plane tickets (the plus-side to all of Scott's travel last year for interviews is that we had a chunk of miles to use).

We had a fun time for Thanksgiving and utilized Pinterest for some ideas. The food was SO delicious (let's just shout out to Janelle for the homemade rolls!) and the company couldn't have been better.

Cannon quite enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal as well, although he was too skeptical to try the pie. Thanksgiving evening, the ladies went out to see Hunger Games (and it was awesome). The day after Thanksgiving, the rest of the family arrived and we attempted a family photo with the timer. This is the best you get in that scenario with two two-year-olds.

We had the best week being home, and it was really hard to get on the plane and come back to Iowa. Only three-and-half years left, right? ;)

Scottie Boy

Last month we celebrated our anniversary! I'm late in posting this, but here are some of my favorite pictures of Scott from the past seven years. First up, Smiley Scott! Highlights here include when he hiked Mount Timpanogos (a yearly feat where he wrote the same thing) and the time he ran into a wall at work and split his forehead open.

Next up, Character Scott! At the top left we have Harry Potter, which is probably the most recognizable character. We also having flying guy, mask guy, killed-by-a-nerf-gun guy, and mask-wearing guy.

And we now have more of Awesome Scott! I especially love the top right photo where the dog has his paws wrapped around Scott's arm.

October 13, 2014

Life Update

I used to write a lot about our day to day lives, but haven't done that much for quite a while. Want to know what we have been up to? Not a lot, really, but here goes!

I have gotten back into baking and tried to let the little man get involved. He is much more interested in eating the finished product. We made these fabulous cookies that turned out so well! This Chocolate Cutout Cookie recipe is my absolute favorite (and goes SO well with powdered sugar frosting). Well this time around I didn't want to frost all of the cookies, so I used some pie crust cutters and they worked so well! The cookies are just the right size to eat and they look great. I also made some chocolate cupcakes from scratch. They weren't bad, but I don't think I will use the recipe again.

Scott took Step 3 of his boards (basically it never ends) and we are glad that it is behind us! The nice thing is that he only had to pass (although he still wants a good score) so he didn't have to stress as much this time around. It also helps to have been in residency for a few months before taking the exam. When he went to the testing center to check in, the attendants asked what kind of test it was and Scott told them it was a board exam for doctors. They were shocked that doctors would be in their testing center. Haha! We won't get his scores back for a few weeks, but hopefully they will be good and we will be in the clear for a while! I did pack a lunch for Scott and was sure to put it in Cannon's Cars bag with Lightening McQueen on the front. Don't worry, everyone gave him weird looks.

I spent a half day going to the temple in Nauvoo! We had ward temple day and so I took advantage of the opportunity. They had babysitting in the stake center by the temple so I was going to bring Cannon along, but Scott happened to be off work! The boys stayed home together while I drove to Nauvoo and back. I had such a nice time on my quick trip. It was fun to be back in Nauvoo during the fall as well, since the first time I visited was over Halloween.

Lastly, I saw this sign at Walmart during back to school. Oh my. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy.

October 12, 2014

Apple Orchard

There is a local apple orchard where you can pick your own apples, take tractor rides, and eat delicious things in their store! Cannon and I went with IMP (Iowa Medical Partners) and had lots of fun! We started with apple tasting, then took a tractor ride through the orchard. It was beautiful! After our ride we got a fresh apple turnover and apple cider slushie. Most of the apples had been picked, so we bought a few from the store along with different kinds of squash.

After eating our treats we walked down the hill through some of the orchard and into a small pumpkin patch. We had fun wandering around and I am excited to head back! The apples were SO good. The best I have ever had! They have some fun fall activities each weekend, and special stuff for Halloween, so I think we have good reason to visit again.

October 11, 2014

I Ran a 5K!

Guys. I did it. I ran a 5K. And by ran I mean mostly walked. I finished in like 44 minutes. No shame here. I admit that I didn't prepare for it, although I set out with the best of intentions! I did actually run consistently for two weeks (and I was quite enjoying myself) when I got a nasty cold. Just as I recovered from that, Cannon had surgery. And then, and then, and then. Am I right?

Well anyway, when I signed up for the race, I wrote about it here so I would be accountable to more than myself. On the morning of, I took Cannon to play with a friend (can I mention that this is the first time we have left the little man with someone who isn't family?) and spent a few hours meeting up with the team, "running" and then checking out the cool sponsor booths after the race. Also, it was FREEZING.

Oh! And two nights before the race we all got together and made our own IMP t-shirts to wear. We had yummy treats and enjoyed getting to know each other a little bit better. And two of the ladies in our group are runners, and they took 1st and 2nd place!

September 30, 2014

You Know You Have A Toddler When...

Bath toys are lined up on the windowsill.
Regular toys are all dumped out. At the same time.
Toy cars park themselves in kitchen drawers.
They also park themselves in the fridge.
Packing materials are strew around the room.
Army men take refuge with the baby wipes.

Toys are dumped out. Again and again. (And toddler limbs find their way into pictures)
Tasty pouches of food are discovered.
Food is dumped in the living room (usually popcorn).
Favorite toys have to be duplicated when lost. Then you find the one that was lost.
Couch cushions don't want to stay on the couch anymore.

This is part two of what I think may be a lengthy series. See part one here. I actually love all of these pictures. Just capturing life around here - the good life.

September 12, 2014

Herky The Hawk

Remember a few months back when I mentioned Herky? Well here is a continuation of those pictures. You can also see all the Herkys here. Are you ready?

This first set of pictures is with the older style Herky from the first Herky on Parade. These ones are still out and about in the area. At the bottom we have a jazz player Herky, which we found at the downtown Jazz Festival. The Herky on the far right at the bottom is a super creepy clown one that lives at the hospital.

Wrestling Highlight Herky - Back to Our Roots Herky - Coach Herky - Flower Power Herky
Andy Warhawk - The Golden Herky - Outta Sight Herky - Just Herky

Bachelor Herky - Homegrown Herky - Technicolor Herky - Herky of the Opera
Iowa's Jazz Capitol Herky - C(Herk)itry - Organic Herky - Sgt Herky

Marching Band Herky - Herky On-Call - Outta This World Herky - Cyborg Herky
Uncle Herky - Referee Herky - Rough Hewn Herky - #Herky

Hayden Herky - Father/Daughter Herky - Herkules - You're the One Herky
Superhero Herky - Chrome Herky - In the Paint Herky - Captain Herk

Wizard Herky - Faces of Herky - Baker Herky - Daredevil Herky
Gymnast Herky - America Needs Farmers Herky - Gladiator Herky - Wood Grain Herky

Wrestler Herky - Herky of the Opera (Repeat) - Uncle Herky (Repeat) - Conductor Herky
Batherk - Checkmate Herky - Dr. Herky - Hunter Herky

Here are a few more photos of us with Herky. Cannon loved to run over to each Herky and give him a love before pointing out trucks driving by or driving his cars around.

Herky On-Call is my favorite, since it rings true at our house. :) On the back it says, "Presented to all Children of Iowa by the Residents and Physicians of the UI". Not to mention the fun things painted all over it! Check out the close-up here. The Golden Herky was a big deal because it was unveiled at a secret location in mid-July (well after the parade had begun). The first finders got prizes, then the location was announced. He was placed on Sutliff Bridge, north of Solon. Places I had never heard of! Just as I was preparing to make the trek out there, he was moved to University Heights, not far from us! We took a long Sunday walk to visit him as a family.

We had a lot of fun out and about this summer while Herky Hunting. It was a great way to get to know Iowa City and spend some time outdoors. Herky on Parade has ended now, so all the Herkys are gone. :( There was a final farewell to the Herky's at Fryfest, the night before the football season opener, but we couldn't make it. We missed seeing a bunch of Herkys, but oh well! They are all up for auction now, and most have been sold! I hope that means we will be seeing some of them again soon.

August 15, 2014

Flashback Friday: Emily's Baby Shower

I first remember meeting Emily at church, just before turning eight. We were both waiting with our parents to interview with the Bishop so we could be baptized, and we discovered that we had the same birthday. We also realized that our parents had the same wedding anniversary! From there on we were pals, often coming up with elaborate stories to explain that we were twins even though we lived in different homes and had different parents.

Well, Emily and I have been friends for years, and have had lots of fun times. Our latest fun was having a baby shower for her! I was actually in Idaho during the weekend that we had planned the shower in Utah, so I'm grateful that Sarah could step in and help out! Since I had originally planned the shower, I prepared everything possible, then packed it in a box that Scott's parents delivered to Utah while on a trip. I prepped silverware, plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths and lots of snacks. I made a diaper cake, and picked out clothes that matched our colors to hang as decor. And look at those invitations! A big thank you to Nicole for working with her fabulous sister Kelsey for these invites. If you are in need of any custom prints, be sure to check out Kelsey's etsy shop, INKH Designs.

Here are a few more shots from the shower, and things turned out so well! Sorry I couldn't be there for your day, Em but I'm glad you had a good time!

August 12, 2014

I'm Going to Run a 5K

I know that might not be much to some folks, but it's a big deal for me. I am not a runner. I repeat: I am not a runner. Each time I decide to start running, I do it once (maybe twice) then quit. I hate it.

Then I saw there was a 5K coming up in Iowa City, one that starts close to our house and ends on the field at Kinnick Stadium. I instantly decided that this was my motivation, and was ready to sign-up when I learned about another 5K a few weeks later called the Blogger Dash 5K Run/Walk where all proceeds benefit the University Children's Hospital AND they welcome strollers. So I made the choice to run the latter, and I signed up with a group of ladies from IMP (Iowa Medical Partners) for some additional motivation.

This has never happened before, but I am SO excited about this race! I don't care about my time or anything, I'm just excited to get out there are do it! After searching and searching, I found the perfect app for me to use, the C2K5 Free app. You train three days a week for eight weeks for a 5K race, and the app tracks it all for you. A five-minute warm up and cool down, with 30 minutes of alternating running/walking. I just started week two, and I actually look forward to my run in the evening after Cannon goes to sleep. I also used to hate the treadmill, but we have this semi-ghetto but super-awesome exercise room in our building. I have never found it occupied, and the TV has satellite, so I am loving it.

State Fair Year Two

I love the fair. The people, the food, the butter cow...I mean really. Spending a day there is kind of awesome when you only do it once a year. I really wanted to take Cannon and do some of the kid stuff, but we will wait until next year for that. This time, Scott and I went on our own and the little man stayed home with my mom who is visiting for a few weeks. There was a cool tribute to American Gothic that I had heard about and we happened upon it quite easily (because it was huge). The house in the painting is modeled after a home in Iowa, and it's a tourist hot spot for those who know. I plan to go eventually, but you can dress up and take your picture in front of the house! I am so there. We also wandered by the butter cow, because how can you go to the fair and not see the butter cow? It was a really busy day though, being the first Saturday of the fair and all.

Now do you want to know the real reason that I got Scott to drive to Des Moines and go to the fair? Goo Goo Dolls. Remember in February when we went to the free outdoor concert in Boise? Well after that awesome experience I looked up their tour dates. They were scheduled to be in Utah in July, but I knew we would be long gone by that time. Then I saw that they would be playing at the Iowa State Fair in August and I thought, "Wow! If we match to Iowa, then we could probably go!" After matching to Iowa, I set a reminder on my phone to buy tickets the morning they went on sale, then I did just that. I know it was a little crazy not knowing Scott's schedule for August, but I took a chance!

Fast forward a few months. Things worked out for us to go to the concert! My mom is in town so she was able to watch Cannon, and Scott happened to have about 18 hours off in between shifts. He has been working 6-6 every day plus pre-rounds and he usually gets out late...something about patients needing a doctor ;). He went to work early Saturday morning, then came home in the early afternoon. After lunch we took off and had dinner in Des Moines. We wandered around the fair until the grandstand opened, then relaxed in our seats so Scott could sit down for a while.

The concert was fantastic. Plain White T's opened, and they were so great! I was a little surprised at how much I liked them live. They played a few songs I hadn't heard, but also played Hey There Delilah, 1234, and Rhythm of Love. Seriously so good. After a brief set change, Daughtry took the stage. Much to our disappointment, we didn't enjoy it much. Yes I sound old for saying so, but the music was so loud! It wouldn't be a problem, but I was really looking forward to hearing Daughtry sing. We could barely hear his voice over the music, even on the more chill songs. It was not our fave, although I did enjoy his last song called Long Live Rock and Roll. We were glad when Daughtry left the stage, and even more ecstatic when Goo Goo Dolls came on! Look out Dashboard Confessional, because Rachel has a new all-time favorite band. I can't get enough of these guys! They are fantastic to watch live, and I love how Johnny just sings how he feels instead of sticking to the recorded version. I was sad that they didn't get to finish singing Come To Me though, because some dudes in front of the stage were fighting. Johnny was not happy, and stopped the show. When all was settled he switched guitars and moved into the next song. I was sad we didn't hear the end of the song, since it's basically my favorite.

The concert ended and we left the fairgrounds just before midnight, getting back home by 2 am. Scott slept on the way home, then we went straight to bed. He got up at 5:00 for a full day at work while I got to sleep until Cannon woke up at 7:00. Worth it.

August 1, 2014

Nauvoo, Anyone?

So we now live less than two hours from Nauvoo, and it is our new temple district! Historic Nauvoo is a nice place to step back in time and bask in the beauty. While my dad and brother were here we went for a few days to visit. They had never been, so it was fun to show them the sites!

Scott had his first week of vacation only three weeks in to residency. Luck of the draw, I guess! He has three weeks total of vacation through this first year and they have to be used one full week at a time. The day after my birthday we drove to Nauvoo to see the pageant and go to the temple. After checking in to our hotel and having a casual dinner, we went to the Old County Fair in Historic Nauvoo. It was so much fun! I was bummed to see the handful of protesters at the entrance, but such is life. There were games, dancing, and kid activities leading up to the start of the pageant. Cannon did really well and fell asleep shortly after the pageant started and it got dark. The pageant was really enjoyable, and I would love to go back to see it each summer. The outdoor stage is set so you can see the temple on the hilltop behind it, and they light it up at the end. It was simply beautiful.

The next day we took turns going to the temple so one of us could be with Cannon while the other one went to the temple. Cannon and I went to the local school to play on the awesome playground and it was so fun! It was super hot, but we stayed for a long time before finally retiring to the arrival center where he could color and play with toys while we took advantage of the AC. We plan to head back to Nauvoo again in the next few weeks while my mom is here to visit!

Iowa City is My Fave

Really, guys. Iowa City is fabulous. Let me just tell you that I belong here. Let me start by telling you that I have wanted to be a legit Hawkeye fan since we first moved to Iowa, but I didn't have any ties aside from liking the mascot (more on Herky later) and the colors. Now I live a mile from the stadium and I can't wait for game season to begin! I am still in the market for a perfect t-shirt (for the Can-man too) but I am in love with the stadium, so I took some pictures. Isn't is magnificent? I think so.

Ok now Iowa City itself is better than I could have imagined. There are so many things to do here and it feels like a great place to have a family (despite U of I previously being ranked the number one party school). Downtown is a great place to walk around and enjoy. They have random pianos that anyone can play, and there are creatively painted benches everywhere! Just outside of the library is the Ped Mall with giant playground as well as a fountain/splash pad for the kids. There are some great restaurants and shops (like Raygun) and a killer farmer's market. We go every Saturday to buy our produce and I love it!

While my dad and brother were still here we went to the municipal airport for a free airshow and it was so much fun! We also went to the Iowa Children's Museum (free on certain nights) and found a few parks within walking distance of our house. The other day I drove to a friend's house for lunch with all the new ladies in the ward and it was just out of town. I love the picturesque beauty of Iowa. There is something to be said for rolling hills and corn fields gently sway in the breeze.

There are a few networks of fabulous ladies that I am taking part in. First is the Iowa Medical Partners group. It is a place for all those whose partner is doing something medical at the University, whether is be dental school, residency, fellowship, etc. It is so fantastic to have a support group of those who are living the same life as you are. We have play dates, children's activities, book club, spouses night out, and other fun things! We had a welcome brunch to kick off the year and I had a great time. They also provide things like post-partum meal support which is definitely going to be fantastic when the time comes. I also follow the Iowa City Mom's Blog and it has been such a wonderful resource! It has all the information you need for living and thriving in Iowa City while meeting other moms like you. I can't forget to mention our ward at church. There are some really nice people here and we have enjoyed starting to get to know some of them. Have I said it enough yet? I love Iowa City!

July 19, 2014

You Know You Have a Toddler When...

Entire boxes of food are dumped on the floor (they usually still get eaten so, hey).
Toy cars make their way into the mini fridge.
The silverware drawer is very unorganized (but the little guy was being helpful).
Partially eaten string cheese gets put in the dishwasher.
Clothes get dirtier than you could have ever imagined.
Chewed on bananas find a home on your china.
Oranges are made into plant fertilizer.

Cards disappear from your wallet and turn up days later. Under the rug.
Wall plates get destroyed by acrobatic karate kicks.
Things are emptied out of cupboards (but this we already knew).
Your bathtub is always full of toys.
Toy cars make their way into the dishwasher.
Thomas the Train becomes a hiding place for your iPhone.
Socks find a home in the sink.
Piles of lost items live under the couch. For months.

Once this happens to you, you wouldn't have it any other way. Which reminds me of this post I just read, "11 Words That Take on a Different Meaning After Kids". They all ring true, but number 11 is my favorite.

Cannon's Chronicles

This just in: Cannon's blog is all caught up!

Remember, it's a private blog so I'll need to send you an invitation in order to view.
Let me know if you would like an invitation!

July 1, 2014

The Time We Moved To Iowa. Again.

Well, it's official. We live in Iowa! Again! Our road trip out here went pretty well. My dad and my brother drove with us just like last time, although this time we had to caravan. Last time we moved, we got rid of most of our furniture, packed my dad's pickup truck and towed our car (which was also packed full). This time we took ALL of our stuff so we rented a Uhaul for the journey. We still towed our car, but had to drive the new car. 

We picked up and loaded the truck on Friday, then hit the road on Saturday morning. On our way out of town we stopped to see Scott's grandparents. We all met for lunch in Rock Springs, then stayed the night in Cheyenne. On Sunday we did the same amount of time in the car and stayed the night in Omaha. On Monday we stopped in Des Moines for lunch at Zombie Burger (yum!) then got to Iowa City right at 4 pm in time to pick up the keys to our place. Upon arrival, we learned that we could move in that evening instead of the following day. Since we couldn't get a hold of anybody to help us unload the next day (Scott was going to be at orientation all day), we did it all that evening. As soon as the truck was unloaded, we stayed the night at a hotel (not having to worry about making beds or cooking breakfast). But guys, I love our apartment.

Here is a little flashback comparison to our first move. These photos were taken on the same staircase at DMU, just four years apart. 

We tend to go swimming at the hotel when we first move as well... 

June 30, 2014

So We Got a New Car

Just before we left Boise the passenger side mirror on our GrandAm fell off. (We were kind of expecting it since the thing has been loose for a LONG time).

On our way to Vegas the cruise control stopping working. (This wasn't surprising considering that until then you had to hold the button in to keep the cruise on). 

On the way back to Provo (in Cedar City actually) our AC quit. Like for reals stopped working. (Now this has been gradual as well, so while it sucked really bad, it was also unsurprising). 

Now that it sounds like our car is terrible, let me assure you that aside from these (kind of major) things, the car is pretty fantastic for being 14 years old. And I'll have you know that Scott fixed the mirror and the AC. The cruise control is lost forever. 

Despite the functionality of our beloved Rhonda, we bought a new car. A second car. Allow me to introduce you to our new pal, Neal.

It took weeks to get Neal in our driveway after we found him, and he arrived just in time for our move. We used quite the process for naming him after asking for suggestions via Instagram. He is a fantastic car and we are incredibly glad to have him!

Fun Times With Family and Friends

We kept very busy during our last few weeks in Utah. We had a couple of family BBQs, went to the splash pad with cousins and again with friends, visited with great-grandparents and played at the park. I also spent a few days at the office while Scott and Cannon had a blast together.

We had a surprise dinner celebration for Scott's graduation, and we had a sleepover with our pals Casey and Leslie. We had so much fun spending time with everyone that it was hard to pack up and leave again (this time for real).

June 29, 2014

Miller Family Reunion

The day after we got back from Vegas, the three of us headed to Park City our Miller Family Reunion! We missed Landon, Julie and Taylor this year, but hopefully we can all be together again soon. We had a lot of fun exploring Park City. I have been there so many times, but never really seen the touristy things. We toured the Olympic Park (so cool!) and went on the Alpine Slide. We also hot tubbed, watched movies, and ate delicious food. Our reunion video is in the making, so look forward to it!

Be sure to check out Cannon's expressions in these family shots below. Priceless!

Vegas Vacation!

After we got back from Iowa, we spent a few more days in Boise then hit the road again. After a couple of nights in Utah, Scott and I drove to Vegas for a few days with our BFFs Dave and Jan. We did our own thing during the day, then got together with our friends each night for dinner, bowling, swimming and a movie. We had a lot of fun! We made sure to visit Hershey's World inside of New York New York (turns out it was the grand opening!) and were impressed by the Statue of Liberty carved out of chocolate. We also wandered through M&M world before heading to Coca-Cola World to try to flavors of the world (let's just acknowledge that I am butchering all the names here). It was fun to taste everything, although some of them were straight up nast. We had a good time on our mini-vacation before heading back to Utah to prepare for our move.

June 9, 2014

Trip to Iowa

For Scott's graduation we traveled back to Iowa. We spent a few days in Des Moines for all the graduation festivites before heading to Iowa City to find a place to live.

We had some pretty close quarters for the week in a hotel with four adults and a toddler, but we had some good times. Cannon's sleeping schedule was definitely off (to say the least) and he definitely fell asleep laying across my stomach a few times. The day before graduation we went to the family picnic at DMU for lunch and to the banquet for dinner.

Now let me tell you about Herky the Hawk. Herky is the mascot of University of Iowa. This summer they are continuing the "Herky on Parade" and it is so cool! Here are just a few of the Herkys that we saw around Iowa City, and we plan to see them all this summer. I'm so excited! I seriously love Herky, and so does the little guy. You can check out all of the Herkys here.