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November 7, 2013

Under The Tucson Sun

Scott had a four-week rotation in Tucson at University of Arizona, so the three of us headed south for a few weeks. The original plan was to all drive down together, but Cannon had been sick all week. The night before we were supposed to leave Scott and I decided that it wasn't fair to Cannon to be strapped in his car seat for hours and hours when he was so sick. Scott left as planned, then I watched Cannon for a few days to see how he was coming along. Within two days he was like a different kid, and getting back to his normal self, so I booked a flight for the weekend.

Before heading to Tucson I had found a furnished condo for us to rent for the month. This was better than staying in a hotel for a few reasons, but mainly so we had separate bedrooms and were close to the university. Cannon goes to bed early and we didn't want to sit in silence every evening while he slept. We also ended up only two miles from the hospital. The place was perfect for us and worked great for Cannon - especially the swimming pool (even though it was freezing cold).

Since we didn't really want to buy staples to make meals, we lived off of Costco chicken bakes and frozen pizza with vegetables on the side. We had salads a few times and indulged ourselves with In N Out and Chick Fil A once or twice. Scott also had a meal card at the hospital and was thrilled with the daily selection of fresh sushi.

My highlight of our Tucson trip was spending time with my friend Harmony and her new baby! Harmony and I have known each other for ages...since like second grade. We grew up just a few houses away from each other and had lots and lots of adventures (I'll admit, the adventures were mainly mischievous ones), including our senior trip in Cancun. Her little man was only two weeks old when I arrived. It was so fun to just spend time with her again and to meet her baby. Cannon got to come along most of the time and he really enjoyed scaring the dog.

We didn't really do much else while we were there aside from watching TV (having cable is always fun for us), taking walks outside, and venturing to the store multiple times each week as a way to get out of the house. We also celebrated Cannon's birthday!

Scott was able to interview for the residency program while we were there, and after finishing up his rotation we hit the road! We left on Friday morning around 9:30 and drove all the way to Provo. It was a long drive, but we made it!

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