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November 7, 2013

Goodbye Iowa!

Per usual, this turned out to be a longer-than-I-intended sort of post, so let me sum it up if you don't want to read the details: we moved away from Iowa and made it safely to Utah!

Packing up our stuff was a little crazy. I was still working full time from home and being a full-time mommy. Scott had a lot going on as well trying to prepare for the months to come.

On Friday, August 23 my dad flew to Des Moines. After picking him up we all had a really tasty lunch at Applebee's before getting our U-Haul truck. Once we got home with the truck, Scott and my dad started moving stuff, starting with the washer and dryer. Shortly after they started, the missionaries arrived to help. Between the four guys the truck got loaded up pretty quickly! As usual with most of our moves, I had everything packed by the random odds and ends. All of the random stuff ended up piled in the living room where we consolidated it that evening.

While we were packing up the truck, my pal Leslie came over and we all had pizza. Later that evening, Scott's cousin Mike arrived to stay the night with us on his way home from selling for Dish in Indiana. (Fun side note: Scott's cousins Jeff, Bryan and Mike (they are brothers) have all stayed with us in Des Moines. We loved having visitors!) He helped us with some cleaning before we all just relaxed and chatted for a while. My good friend and previous boss Steve also stopped by to bid us farewell.

In the morning Cannon woke up really early and I decided to embrace it. Scott and I got up and showered before Mike left. We loaded up all the random stuff then finished all of the cleaning while Scott ran to a doctor's appointment. He brought back McDonald's for breakfast and we headed out shortly after eating.

Scott dropped Cannon and I at the airport before meeting my dad at the U-Haul place to load the car on a dolly to be towed. Originally, my dad was going to drive the truck for us while Scott, Cannon and I drove our car. After Scott had so much trouble with his flights getting home from Philadelphia, he got
a flight credit from the airline. We used that to get me a plane ticket and paid for a tow dolly instead of more gas to fuel our car. It was awesome to be able to fly with Cannon instead of having him stuck in the car. I don't mind the driving, but Can man has a tough time.

Our travel was fantastic. Since Cannon woke up early and didn't nap before our flight, he slept through the whole flight. He also slept through most of the second flight. I also must mention that the airport and airline personnel were all incredibly wonderful. Even fellow passengers were nice to talk to and friendly with Cannon. It was by far the best travel experience I have ever had, which is funny considering how we got the flight credit in the first place.

Meanwhile, Scott and my dad were packing the miles in and made it to Laramie, WY before stopping for the night. On Saturday they finished the drive and we unloaded the "essentials". We didn't have to return the truck until Tuesday, so we took our sweet time before unloading.

Now, since I never ever posted pictures of our "new place" in Des Moines, here are the pictures taken just before we left. :)

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