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November 7, 2013

Back in Boise

After our stint in Tucson, we drove to Provo and stayed for a day. It was a busy day! Cannon and I spent time at my grandma's house where my aunt and uncle were visiting for the weekend. My dad's friend from Alaska was also in town, and had his awesome camera with him, so he got a few great shots of Cannon at the park. I also must mention our dinner at the Cannon Center with Melanie. We got there right before closing so we grabbed a ton of food while we had the chance! Other than that we spent time unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking. It was a little strange going from summer in Des Moines to summer in Provo to summer in Tucson but then coming back to Provo and jumping right into fall. I definitely left our summer clothes in Provo and packed all of our fall clothes (hello sweaters and boots).

On Sunday we finished the packing and reluctantly got back in the car for our drive to Boise. At the last minute Scott grabbed all of Cannon's bigger toys and stuffed those into the backseat as well. The drive was actually pretty fantastic and we made great time with the lack of construction. Upon arrival we had dinner with the family and birthday cake for dessert.

Things around here have been pretty fantastic. Janelle was here for the first week with us, and the weekend brought the whole family in for stake conference where Scott's dad was released from his calling as the stake president. We spent time at the mall and time at the pumpkin patch and it was a splendid weekend.

Scott has been scheduling residency interviews and traveled to Oklahoma City last week. He will be traveling a lot in the next few months, but we are excited to see our prospects in a little more detail. After his interviews, Scott will rank the programs in order of preference and the programs will rank their applicants in order of preference. In the spring we will find out which program we "matched" into, and that is where Scott will start his residency on July 1, 2014. His residency will be four years, so we will definitely have to stay put for a little while. I am excited for our next adventure (not to mention having a paycheck again)! You want to hear something funny though? Right now we are really loving University of Iowa (you guessed it - it's in Iowa) and are contemplating the possibility of heading to Iowas City for the next four years. We will see what happens!

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