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November 7, 2013

A Month In Utah

Being in Utah was fantastic, although it was insanely busy. Scott was rotating at a hospital in Orem and had a pretty low-key schedule. I was working a lot, usually at the office. Sometimes Cannon would come with me and other times he would stay home with Scott. We got to spend a lot of time with family and friends - we even left the little man at home with Grandpa Steve while we went on a date! Pretty great, right?

It was really fun to be home again, especially without such a time crunch to see people. Our first weekend there (Labor Day) we got to spend time with Scott's parents and two of his sisters. Janelle was in town from Cedar City and Melanie had just moved back for another year at BYU.

Melanie and I spent a lot of time together, mainly watching our favorite shows. She introduced me to the newer release of Footloose. I loved it. There was a downside though, I got a mild case of pinkeye. Blech. Cannon seemed ok but then got the flu. And ear infections. It was rough on him (and us) for about a week.

When we unloaded the truck we just piled everything in the living room. These are some before and after shots (it looked even better when ALL the stuff was put away). We spent some time gathering tasty vegetables from my step-dad's garden (fresh tomatoes are basically my favorite) and Cannon loved to play outside. My sister had an awesome moving sale, so we snatched a few things up. I love the owl and the festive fall dish! My parents got the couch and it is fantastic!

Aside from the illnesses it was great to visit people - especially my grandma! We also had some quality family time where everyone was enthralled by The Lorax. It's a good show!

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