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November 29, 2013

A Belated Birthday To My BFFE

Liz. Liz Beagles. She is my BFFE. Wednesday was her birthday! In her honor, here are some photos of us together. The first bunch of photos are from my pre-Iowa days (2007-2010) and the second set are from our time during Iowa (2010-2013).

Liz and I met while working at JCPenney in the fall of 2006. She has been by my side through country dancing, crazy dates, breakups, road trips, camping, snowboarding, and movie premieres. She has also been around for some big events in my life: my wedding (she threw me a bridal shower), my move to Iowa (and a move while in Iowa and the move back to Utah), and Cannon's birth (she came to my shower and visited soon after he was born). She visited Des Moines on a few occasions and we rocked all the touristy things together (a few times we had people mistake us for a lesbian couple).

Lastly, I should mention that Liz and I have a song. Yep. We do. I't's called "You And Me" by Plain White Ts and it describes us perfectly! Give it a listen if you have a few minutes.

You and me, Liz. We like the same kind of music. We couldn't stand being normal. We both laugh at the most random situations. You know what I'm going to say before my mouth even makes a sound! And that's why we make a good you and me.

November 19, 2013

10,000 Page Views!

That's a big deal, right? Even if it's the same 10 people checking up on us...

Anyway, we are still living our lives in Idaho and I am loving it. Things quieted down a bit just before Halloween when all the siblings left, but we have been keeping busy while waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around!

Halloween was a lot of fun with the little man around. He and I wore our Halloween shirts (naturally) and I sported my Halloween socks. He dressed up as Superman and got lots of smiles at the ward party. On an unrelated note, I left a Diet Coke in the super cold mini fridge and, well, it exploded.

Scott and I have taken advantage of willing, trustworthy babysitters and gone out a few times. We had a dinner date at a Mongolian Grill (Scott's original fave from way back when he was in high school) and it was FANTASTIC. I can't wait to go back there. We also had a temple night together at the Boise Temple and it was soooooo wonderful. I am incredibly grateful for the temple. We also had a lunch date for our anniversary, but more on that later.

I had a Cherry Coke Zero for the first time in weeks and I savored every sip. I tell ya, I love that stuff. Scott installed a rain chain to fix a leaky gutter situation (he is becoming quite the handyman). I got a new pair of glasses, and am very pleased about it. The last time I got a pair of glasses was in May 2005. They are quite outdated (to say the least) since my eyesight has continued to worsen over the years. Fun side note though, my eyesight hasn't changed in the past two years. Yay!

I have jumped back into reading now that I feel like I have more time and I picked a great book to start out with: Tuesdays With Morrie. If you haven't read it, you should. If you have read it, you should read it again. I also take great pride in my ability to get tough stains out of clothes...Cannon really did a number on this white shirt of his, and I am happy to report that it looks as good as new after just one wash! Lastly (but certainly not least), I snapped a photo of Scott's grandparents walking in the hallway at church. Holding hands.

Scott is off interviewing again, this week in Houston and St. Louis. Once he gets home, the siblings start arriving for Thanksgiving. HOORAY! I see funtivities in the near future.

November 7, 2013

Back in Boise

After our stint in Tucson, we drove to Provo and stayed for a day. It was a busy day! Cannon and I spent time at my grandma's house where my aunt and uncle were visiting for the weekend. My dad's friend from Alaska was also in town, and had his awesome camera with him, so he got a few great shots of Cannon at the park. I also must mention our dinner at the Cannon Center with Melanie. We got there right before closing so we grabbed a ton of food while we had the chance! Other than that we spent time unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking. It was a little strange going from summer in Des Moines to summer in Provo to summer in Tucson but then coming back to Provo and jumping right into fall. I definitely left our summer clothes in Provo and packed all of our fall clothes (hello sweaters and boots).

On Sunday we finished the packing and reluctantly got back in the car for our drive to Boise. At the last minute Scott grabbed all of Cannon's bigger toys and stuffed those into the backseat as well. The drive was actually pretty fantastic and we made great time with the lack of construction. Upon arrival we had dinner with the family and birthday cake for dessert.

Things around here have been pretty fantastic. Janelle was here for the first week with us, and the weekend brought the whole family in for stake conference where Scott's dad was released from his calling as the stake president. We spent time at the mall and time at the pumpkin patch and it was a splendid weekend.

Scott has been scheduling residency interviews and traveled to Oklahoma City last week. He will be traveling a lot in the next few months, but we are excited to see our prospects in a little more detail. After his interviews, Scott will rank the programs in order of preference and the programs will rank their applicants in order of preference. In the spring we will find out which program we "matched" into, and that is where Scott will start his residency on July 1, 2014. His residency will be four years, so we will definitely have to stay put for a little while. I am excited for our next adventure (not to mention having a paycheck again)! You want to hear something funny though? Right now we are really loving University of Iowa (you guessed it - it's in Iowa) and are contemplating the possibility of heading to Iowas City for the next four years. We will see what happens!

Under The Tucson Sun

Scott had a four-week rotation in Tucson at University of Arizona, so the three of us headed south for a few weeks. The original plan was to all drive down together, but Cannon had been sick all week. The night before we were supposed to leave Scott and I decided that it wasn't fair to Cannon to be strapped in his car seat for hours and hours when he was so sick. Scott left as planned, then I watched Cannon for a few days to see how he was coming along. Within two days he was like a different kid, and getting back to his normal self, so I booked a flight for the weekend.

Before heading to Tucson I had found a furnished condo for us to rent for the month. This was better than staying in a hotel for a few reasons, but mainly so we had separate bedrooms and were close to the university. Cannon goes to bed early and we didn't want to sit in silence every evening while he slept. We also ended up only two miles from the hospital. The place was perfect for us and worked great for Cannon - especially the swimming pool (even though it was freezing cold).

Since we didn't really want to buy staples to make meals, we lived off of Costco chicken bakes and frozen pizza with vegetables on the side. We had salads a few times and indulged ourselves with In N Out and Chick Fil A once or twice. Scott also had a meal card at the hospital and was thrilled with the daily selection of fresh sushi.

My highlight of our Tucson trip was spending time with my friend Harmony and her new baby! Harmony and I have known each other for ages...since like second grade. We grew up just a few houses away from each other and had lots and lots of adventures (I'll admit, the adventures were mainly mischievous ones), including our senior trip in Cancun. Her little man was only two weeks old when I arrived. It was so fun to just spend time with her again and to meet her baby. Cannon got to come along most of the time and he really enjoyed scaring the dog.

We didn't really do much else while we were there aside from watching TV (having cable is always fun for us), taking walks outside, and venturing to the store multiple times each week as a way to get out of the house. We also celebrated Cannon's birthday!

Scott was able to interview for the residency program while we were there, and after finishing up his rotation we hit the road! We left on Friday morning around 9:30 and drove all the way to Provo. It was a long drive, but we made it!

A Month In Utah

Being in Utah was fantastic, although it was insanely busy. Scott was rotating at a hospital in Orem and had a pretty low-key schedule. I was working a lot, usually at the office. Sometimes Cannon would come with me and other times he would stay home with Scott. We got to spend a lot of time with family and friends - we even left the little man at home with Grandpa Steve while we went on a date! Pretty great, right?

It was really fun to be home again, especially without such a time crunch to see people. Our first weekend there (Labor Day) we got to spend time with Scott's parents and two of his sisters. Janelle was in town from Cedar City and Melanie had just moved back for another year at BYU.

Melanie and I spent a lot of time together, mainly watching our favorite shows. She introduced me to the newer release of Footloose. I loved it. There was a downside though, I got a mild case of pinkeye. Blech. Cannon seemed ok but then got the flu. And ear infections. It was rough on him (and us) for about a week.

When we unloaded the truck we just piled everything in the living room. These are some before and after shots (it looked even better when ALL the stuff was put away). We spent some time gathering tasty vegetables from my step-dad's garden (fresh tomatoes are basically my favorite) and Cannon loved to play outside. My sister had an awesome moving sale, so we snatched a few things up. I love the owl and the festive fall dish! My parents got the couch and it is fantastic!

Aside from the illnesses it was great to visit people - especially my grandma! We also had some quality family time where everyone was enthralled by The Lorax. It's a good show!

Goodbye Iowa!

Per usual, this turned out to be a longer-than-I-intended sort of post, so let me sum it up if you don't want to read the details: we moved away from Iowa and made it safely to Utah!

Packing up our stuff was a little crazy. I was still working full time from home and being a full-time mommy. Scott had a lot going on as well trying to prepare for the months to come.

On Friday, August 23 my dad flew to Des Moines. After picking him up we all had a really tasty lunch at Applebee's before getting our U-Haul truck. Once we got home with the truck, Scott and my dad started moving stuff, starting with the washer and dryer. Shortly after they started, the missionaries arrived to help. Between the four guys the truck got loaded up pretty quickly! As usual with most of our moves, I had everything packed by the random odds and ends. All of the random stuff ended up piled in the living room where we consolidated it that evening.

While we were packing up the truck, my pal Leslie came over and we all had pizza. Later that evening, Scott's cousin Mike arrived to stay the night with us on his way home from selling for Dish in Indiana. (Fun side note: Scott's cousins Jeff, Bryan and Mike (they are brothers) have all stayed with us in Des Moines. We loved having visitors!) He helped us with some cleaning before we all just relaxed and chatted for a while. My good friend and previous boss Steve also stopped by to bid us farewell.

In the morning Cannon woke up really early and I decided to embrace it. Scott and I got up and showered before Mike left. We loaded up all the random stuff then finished all of the cleaning while Scott ran to a doctor's appointment. He brought back McDonald's for breakfast and we headed out shortly after eating.

Scott dropped Cannon and I at the airport before meeting my dad at the U-Haul place to load the car on a dolly to be towed. Originally, my dad was going to drive the truck for us while Scott, Cannon and I drove our car. After Scott had so much trouble with his flights getting home from Philadelphia, he got
a flight credit from the airline. We used that to get me a plane ticket and paid for a tow dolly instead of more gas to fuel our car. It was awesome to be able to fly with Cannon instead of having him stuck in the car. I don't mind the driving, but Can man has a tough time.

Our travel was fantastic. Since Cannon woke up early and didn't nap before our flight, he slept through the whole flight. He also slept through most of the second flight. I also must mention that the airport and airline personnel were all incredibly wonderful. Even fellow passengers were nice to talk to and friendly with Cannon. It was by far the best travel experience I have ever had, which is funny considering how we got the flight credit in the first place.

Meanwhile, Scott and my dad were packing the miles in and made it to Laramie, WY before stopping for the night. On Saturday they finished the drive and we unloaded the "essentials". We didn't have to return the truck until Tuesday, so we took our sweet time before unloading.

Now, since I never ever posted pictures of our "new place" in Des Moines, here are the pictures taken just before we left. :)