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August 15, 2013

Random Update

After Scott's stint in PA, he took two more sets of boards. First was USMLE Step 2, which was basically a beast (and is not required for D.O.s but Scottie is a champ and this will help with residency). A few weeks prior there was a new version of the test released which means we have to wait even longer to get his scores back. Gaaaaaaaaah. The following week Scott headed back to the testing center to take his COMLEX Level 2 which is required as a D.O. So now we wait, wait, and wait for scores which should all come back around the same time - while we are in Tucson. No complaints from us if the scores were to magically come back sooner!

We are moving in a week. Oh boy. Our place is about halfway packed and I am starting to really stress about it. It is seemingly impossible to play with Cannon while working and packing, not to mention things like showering and eating. Haha! We basically have very little food in the house as well since I don't want to pack up a bunch of food. Our freezer and pantry are usually full of things for our favorite meals... our meal calendar until we move consists of homemade pizza and eating out. Feel free to join us!

So our place is maybe halfway packed...I started weeks ago by packing up all the clothes we don't wear and things we don't use often. I also donated a bunch of clothes and threw away a bunch of stuff. Although I am organizing and cleaning as I go, I am staying away from really sorting things and getting stuck in the land of nostalgia. I tend to do that when I go through stuff. Luckily, we got a big enough moving truck that we should have to really take apart a lot of furniture. Not that we have a ton of furniture, but things like little bookshelves that are much easier to just leave in one piece.

So far, our bucket list is going well! Click here for an update.

Although the stress of moving makes me want to hire movers and pay them lots of money that I don't have, I am SO excited to be back home for a while! To be with family and lots of friends will be fantastic. We can go out with friends, have play dates, and take advantage of willing-to-babysit grandparents. :) We are very much looking forward to catching a few end-of-season Orems Owlz games and heading to Seven Peaks before they close.

Another random update...I can't seem to keep potted plants alive. I so look forward to one day having a garden, but these experiences make me afraid for my future garden:

Our first attempt was with Steve the Tree. Read about him here.
My second attempt was much more recent with beautiful flowers from my dad for Mother's Day.
The latest attempt was with my flowers from Scott for my birthday.

Guys, what am I doing wrong? It would help if I knew what type of plants they were, I suppose...