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July 30, 2013

Scott's 28th Birthday

So. Here we are. Scott's birthday this year was pretty eventful. It fell on a Sunday just like mine, so we has to plan our funtivities on surrounding days.

Saturday night I baked a gluten free cake for Scott and it was sooooo good! I keep sneaking forkfuls off of the cake, hoping he won't notice.

Sunday morning we got up, got ready, then I took Scott up the airport before Cannon and I went to church. A fun birthday trip you ask? Not exactly. Scott had a board exam to take the next day - in Conshohocken, PA. He flew through Chicago to Philadelphia then rode the train out to Conshohocken and found his hotel where the service was incredible. He had a real Philly Cheesesteak for dinner (on a gluten free bun) and called it a day. 

Meanwhile, I fought the urge to eat out instead of cooking then watched countless episodes of New Girl after Cannon went to bed. It is officially my new favorite show.

Scott didn't sleep well because he was nervous about his test. It was an exam where they see a bunch of "patients" all day like they would as a doctor in a clinic. After getting through all the testing and being dismissed, he had a snack for the train ride back to the Philly airport. This is where things interesting. 

But first I should tell you what I was doing. Cannon had his nine month appointment so we spent some time at the doctor, then we headed downtown for lunch with Leslie at Something Italian. She and I used to go there often when we both worked downtown. After lunch Cannon and I spent time playing and packing, then he took a nap before we went back downtown to dinner at Zombie Burger. GREAT food and yummy shakes. Cannon even got to eat some fries. After dinner we walked along the river since the temp had cooled  down. During dinner Scott was supposed to be on his flight back, but I kept getting texts from him on the delayed status. So now to the interesting part:

Scott lost his ID sometime while going through security in Philadelphia. He had it to get in the scanner area, but then it was gone. His theory is that the guy in front of him stole it because said guy kept going on and on about how people steal stuff from others at security. After checking with TSA he gave up on finding his ID and went to board his plane. After getting on the plane and taxiing out to the runway, they were behind about 20 other planes to takeoff. When it was almost their turn, they were routed to a new runway where they were third in line. As their turn came again, they had to head back to the gate to refuel. They made their way to a third runway, but after a grand total of about five hours on the tarmac they went back to the gate and the flight was cancelled.

Since Scott had already missed his connecting flight to Des Moines, there wasn't much difference between being stuck in Philly and being stuck in Chicago, but he called the airline to get rebooked. After explaining the issues, the girl on the phone informed him that he was rebooked out of Chicago the next morning. The only problem there was that Scott didn't have a way to Chicago. After a few other mishaps with the airline, and "sleeping" on some chairs in the airport under a leaky roof, Scott made it to Chicago the next morning. After getting a handwritten boarding pass because the attendant didn't know how to work the printer, Scott got on the plane bound for Des Moines. But wait! They sat on the plane for well over an hour before being told that the pilot simply didn't show up and the flight was cancelled. Oh my.

Thankfully, Scott was able to be booked on a different airline and made it home that afternoon. We went straight home and made pizzas before Scott took a shower and had a nice nap. Now we wait somewhere around 10 weeks to get his scores back. In the meantime he will sit for two more board exams during the first week of August. Then we will live it up for our last few weeks in Des Moines!

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