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July 6, 2013


After our short time in Utah, we jumped back in the car (what's another 380 miles, right?) and headed up to Boise for Scott's rotation. We drove up on Sunday afternoon and got to stay for two glorious weeks. Scott may describe the trip a little differently since he basically had to work most days, but I had a splendid time! I didn't have to work while we were there, and it was so nice to just be home with family. Spending time with everyone was pretty much the best thing ever, but having Cannon play with everyone was even better. A fun side note, I also had awesome babysitters available almost 100% of the time.

Scott and I even went on a date. Just the two of us.

We didn't just sit around the house even though the temperature outside was unusually hot.

Went to some awesome wedding receptions. The photo booth is so in. I had no idea!
The first reception was a carnival theme, which was really fun. At the end, the wedding party jumped into the pool.

Installed an awesome baby gate (using Ranger Dave's innovative ideas)
Spilled the scout stew (also see bottom right)
Had Cafe Rio and visited Scott's high school on our date
I got a haircut at a legit salon from an awesome lady

We ate together at some yummy places, and took family photos!
Unrelated to the family photos, we all happened to wear pink on the same day.
We took the babies to the splash pad, which was so much fun!
Walks around the neighborhood were a daily affair (as was going to the grocery store...)

Our trip home was much shorter as we got to fly back to Des Moines. When Cannon was born we borrowed Melanie's car since she was living in the dorms and didn't need it. We drove it back for her to have this year. :)
The boys both got some shuteye on the flight. I also had to take a picture of the legit changing station in the airport bathroom. It had a nice, clean built in bed with a private sink and a counter. So nice!
Scott also came up with a great way to carry the awkward car seat. Next time we should just invest in the little rolling bag things.

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