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June 27, 2013

We Have Been Keeping Busy. For Real.

Usually, we don't have a lot going on. We work, we sleep (not through the night of course - lol), we eat, we stay at home a lot...but lately, we have been so busy! On June 1st, Scott ran Dam to Dam which is the country's biggest 20k race. It starts at Saylorville Lake and finishes in downtown Des Moines. Scott signed up for it the day registration opened to be sure he could have a spot, because it is a really popular race. It turned out a little rough because Scott sprained his ankle pretty bad a few weeks beforehand, but he had a nice time on the run. Cannon and I went downtown to cheer Scottie across the finish line then had a really hard time finding him again in the crowd.

After the race we met up with our friends (shout out to my Iowa bestie Leslie!) and walked through the farmer's market (which is seriously awesome) then met up at Brad and Erica's for lunch. It was so much fun just relaxing with friends and playing with the babies.

A week after running Dam to Dam, Scott ran a half marathon in Maryville, Missouri with his cousin Jeff. Jeff came to town a few days early so we all went to an Iowa Cubs game the night before they drove down to Missouri for the race. They stayed in some college campus apartments and ran the race before driving home. We all had lunch together, then the men drove out to Newton for a NASCAR race that got rained out.

Aside from Scott's cool hobby (I just can't bring myself to run...if I can start it and keep with it then I feel like it's something I could do. Hmm.) I have done a few fun things lately as well. Cannon and I headed downtown for lunch with my previous boss Curtis and ate at a gourmet hotdog place that was pretty good. We had also built up an embarrassing number of soda cans so we spent time in the recycling room at Walmart. Oh, and remember the flowers I got for Mother's Day? They are no more. They were kind of dying but still sprouting new leaves so I was hopeful. Then I caught sight of a squirrel eating them. Bummer. I think they may have needed a permanent place in the ground - not a pot.

Lastly, Scott finished up his third year of med school. So great, right? He is officially a fourth-year student and we are excited. The coming year is going to bring lots of new places and experiences for all three of us, and I can't wait! My next post will be a glance back at the past few years of school, so stay tuned!

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