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June 29, 2013


For the past few weeks we have been "vacationing" in Utah and Idaho. We left Des Moines on the last day of Scott's Comp Week (the last week of third year where all the students come back to campus for testing, lectures, and "free" food) and made it to Cheyenne, WY to stay the night. This was Scott's (and Cannon's) first time in the car that long, so it was quite the milestone. The next day we got up and finished the drive to Utah where we stayed almost two days before continuing to our destination in Idaho. We logged lots of hours in the car, and I think we all handled it relatively well.

While we were in Utah I got to spend time with my sister Cherish and her daughter Meadow. This was Cannon's first time meeting them, which was so fun! We let the babies play together, had family and friends over, and just enjoyed being together for the first time in months. Scott spent a few hours on the golf course and loved every minute of it (aside from his usual sunburn) before joining in our pre-Fourth-of-July festivities.

We captured a few family photos with everyone who was able to make it to our family shindig, and I think they turned out rather well. Especially considering that we had eight kids ages eight and under that we were trying to get in one picture. We were also joined by Scott's sister Janelle and our good friends Dave, Jan & Marcus.

Cherish and I switched babies for the funny photo. I think it's pretty funny...

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