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June 20, 2013

My Baby Brother Is All Grown Up!

Ok, so he isn't a baby anymore. He isn't little either. I guess I should say "younger". My younger brother Sean has officially graduated high school, and he is 18! It's crazy. Just crazy! I can still picture little Sean like it was just yesterday that we were living in the same house and sharing the backseat in the truck on car trips to California. He is, quite simply, the best. Since words won't do him justice, here are some fun photos.

Here are some classic "Sean" pictures. Some of these photos really show his goofy little self.

Here are shots of Sean and I. We have always been best pals! They are all from our younger days, with one exception: the top left photo. He is now way taller than me.

Aaaaaand his high school graduation. Oh kid. Great job! Maybe I should stop calling him "kid" now? Nah. ;)

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