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June 4, 2013

I Never Really Wrote About Mother's Day

So I mentioned it briefly, but Mother's Day is quite deserving of it's own post!


It's a crazy thing. I love it. I love being a mother. And I love having a mother.

We didn't do anything extravagant for Mother's Day, but I snapped a photo of Cannon and I while at church in the mother's room where I nurse him. Since he and I get to spend each day together, this day wasn't much different. But you know what? It was different in my mind. He doesn't know it yet, but Mother's Day is kind of a big deal. Especially when giving birth to your child is still so fresh in your mind (has it seriously been seven months already?) Every ounce of energy I have is centered on that little man and I love it. Sure, I like to have time to myself here and there. It doesn't hurt to be able to be in the bathroom by yourself while you take care of business...but I am so grateful to be his mother and to spend so much time with him.

Cannon is the best. I love our little boy.

Lately I have also been thinking about my mother-in-law a lot. I read this blog post with post-baby mother-in-law horror stories, and the comments were full of readers agreeing. The whole time I just kept thinking, "I have the best mother-in-law ever!" Seriously. I keep thinking back to while I was in labor and she was massaging my hands. Heaven.

You know what they say about being more grateful for your own mother once you become one? It's true. My mom raised five kids, and here I am sometimes struggling to raise just one. Every day I notice part of me that comes from my mom. Aside from the realization that she and I have the same looking bottom, I do a lot of things the way that she does. I even find myself laughing the way that she does! It's funny how I have continued to grow more and more like her.

You know who else? My grandma! She is in her nineties and can use the computer like nobody's business. A few months back I was able to skype with her one night. For real! She saw that I was online and called me for a little impromptu chat. It was the best! My grandma has taught me so many things and I have so many wonderful memories with her. Those are coming soon in another post.

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