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June 29, 2013


For the past few weeks we have been "vacationing" in Utah and Idaho. We left Des Moines on the last day of Scott's Comp Week (the last week of third year where all the students come back to campus for testing, lectures, and "free" food) and made it to Cheyenne, WY to stay the night. This was Scott's (and Cannon's) first time in the car that long, so it was quite the milestone. The next day we got up and finished the drive to Utah where we stayed almost two days before continuing to our destination in Idaho. We logged lots of hours in the car, and I think we all handled it relatively well.

While we were in Utah I got to spend time with my sister Cherish and her daughter Meadow. This was Cannon's first time meeting them, which was so fun! We let the babies play together, had family and friends over, and just enjoyed being together for the first time in months. Scott spent a few hours on the golf course and loved every minute of it (aside from his usual sunburn) before joining in our pre-Fourth-of-July festivities.

We captured a few family photos with everyone who was able to make it to our family shindig, and I think they turned out rather well. Especially considering that we had eight kids ages eight and under that we were trying to get in one picture. We were also joined by Scott's sister Janelle and our good friends Dave, Jan & Marcus.

Cherish and I switched babies for the funny photo. I think it's pretty funny...

June 27, 2013

Med School Flashback

Has it been three years already? Seriously. Everybody says that school will go by fast, but when it's happening you don't really feel that way. Now that we are 3/4 of the way done (not including residency) I am looking back and thinking, "Where did the time go?"

It seems like just a few months ago we had family in Des Moines with us for Scott's White Coat Ceremony when school started. It feels like only weeks ago that family was back in Des Moines for part of spring break. And now? Now we are planning to have everyone back in less than a year for graduation!

Do you like Scottie's outfit in the picture above? I took this as he headed to school for his professional photo (just a head shot) and his OMM practical exam.

Looking forward, we have big plans! At this point it is easy for our plans to change at the drop of a hat, but here is what we currently have in store starting July 1:

  • 8 weeks in Des Moines for rotations in anesthesia, sports medicine, and ICU
  • 4 weeks in Utah County (potentially...we are waiting on an approval) for a rotation in something...I can't remember
  • 4 weeks in Tucson for anesthesia
  • 6 weeks of vacation time over the holidays
During this time Scott should also be heading to various residency interviews. That means it's time to apply to programs and get him a new suit (those old mission suits aren't quite up-to-par anymore). Crazy! We don't have much else planned yet, but we are officially moving out of Iowa and will be living back home! For the rest of the academic year we plan to be in Utah or Idaho for rotations. It will be so nice to be home for a while before moving away again for the next four years. 

We Have Been Keeping Busy. For Real.

Usually, we don't have a lot going on. We work, we sleep (not through the night of course - lol), we eat, we stay at home a lot...but lately, we have been so busy! On June 1st, Scott ran Dam to Dam which is the country's biggest 20k race. It starts at Saylorville Lake and finishes in downtown Des Moines. Scott signed up for it the day registration opened to be sure he could have a spot, because it is a really popular race. It turned out a little rough because Scott sprained his ankle pretty bad a few weeks beforehand, but he had a nice time on the run. Cannon and I went downtown to cheer Scottie across the finish line then had a really hard time finding him again in the crowd.

After the race we met up with our friends (shout out to my Iowa bestie Leslie!) and walked through the farmer's market (which is seriously awesome) then met up at Brad and Erica's for lunch. It was so much fun just relaxing with friends and playing with the babies.

A week after running Dam to Dam, Scott ran a half marathon in Maryville, Missouri with his cousin Jeff. Jeff came to town a few days early so we all went to an Iowa Cubs game the night before they drove down to Missouri for the race. They stayed in some college campus apartments and ran the race before driving home. We all had lunch together, then the men drove out to Newton for a NASCAR race that got rained out.

Aside from Scott's cool hobby (I just can't bring myself to run...if I can start it and keep with it then I feel like it's something I could do. Hmm.) I have done a few fun things lately as well. Cannon and I headed downtown for lunch with my previous boss Curtis and ate at a gourmet hotdog place that was pretty good. We had also built up an embarrassing number of soda cans so we spent time in the recycling room at Walmart. Oh, and remember the flowers I got for Mother's Day? They are no more. They were kind of dying but still sprouting new leaves so I was hopeful. Then I caught sight of a squirrel eating them. Bummer. I think they may have needed a permanent place in the ground - not a pot.

Lastly, Scott finished up his third year of med school. So great, right? He is officially a fourth-year student and we are excited. The coming year is going to bring lots of new places and experiences for all three of us, and I can't wait! My next post will be a glance back at the past few years of school, so stay tuned!

June 20, 2013

My Baby Brother Is All Grown Up!

Ok, so he isn't a baby anymore. He isn't little either. I guess I should say "younger". My younger brother Sean has officially graduated high school, and he is 18! It's crazy. Just crazy! I can still picture little Sean like it was just yesterday that we were living in the same house and sharing the backseat in the truck on car trips to California. He is, quite simply, the best. Since words won't do him justice, here are some fun photos.

Here are some classic "Sean" pictures. Some of these photos really show his goofy little self.

Here are shots of Sean and I. We have always been best pals! They are all from our younger days, with one exception: the top left photo. He is now way taller than me.

Aaaaaand his high school graduation. Oh kid. Great job! Maybe I should stop calling him "kid" now? Nah. ;)

June 4, 2013

I Never Really Wrote About Mother's Day

So I mentioned it briefly, but Mother's Day is quite deserving of it's own post!


It's a crazy thing. I love it. I love being a mother. And I love having a mother.

We didn't do anything extravagant for Mother's Day, but I snapped a photo of Cannon and I while at church in the mother's room where I nurse him. Since he and I get to spend each day together, this day wasn't much different. But you know what? It was different in my mind. He doesn't know it yet, but Mother's Day is kind of a big deal. Especially when giving birth to your child is still so fresh in your mind (has it seriously been seven months already?) Every ounce of energy I have is centered on that little man and I love it. Sure, I like to have time to myself here and there. It doesn't hurt to be able to be in the bathroom by yourself while you take care of business...but I am so grateful to be his mother and to spend so much time with him.

Cannon is the best. I love our little boy.

Lately I have also been thinking about my mother-in-law a lot. I read this blog post with post-baby mother-in-law horror stories, and the comments were full of readers agreeing. The whole time I just kept thinking, "I have the best mother-in-law ever!" Seriously. I keep thinking back to while I was in labor and she was massaging my hands. Heaven.

You know what they say about being more grateful for your own mother once you become one? It's true. My mom raised five kids, and here I am sometimes struggling to raise just one. Every day I notice part of me that comes from my mom. Aside from the realization that she and I have the same looking bottom, I do a lot of things the way that she does. I even find myself laughing the way that she does! It's funny how I have continued to grow more and more like her.

You know who else? My grandma! She is in her nineties and can use the computer like nobody's business. A few months back I was able to skype with her one night. For real! She saw that I was online and called me for a little impromptu chat. It was the best! My grandma has taught me so many things and I have so many wonderful memories with her. Those are coming soon in another post.