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May 20, 2013

Our Trip To Utah

Cannon and I had a great time on our (almost) two week trip to Utah. We saw so many friends and family members (Cannon got to meet most of his cousins), ate at all my favorite places (including home), and enjoyed all the festivities. I will tell the story of our trip in photos.

We left Scott behind in Des Moines while he was on his surgery rotation. He spent many long days and a few nights at the hospital while we were gone. Our first day in Utah we got up and went straight to the dentist so I could get a broken tooth fixed. We also got to check out Grandpa Steve's new car!

We ate lots of yummy food. In N Out, Jamba Juice, Cafe Rio, Zupas...
We also had our fill of creamies/ice cream bars and yummy home cooked meals!

We had a peep roast with my family.
Basically we use peeps to make s'mores. They are delicious!

We got to see lots of friends! We had a Lunch Group Reunion dinner and a BBQ with all my high school friends from my home ward.
We also got to see the Peterson's and one of my BFFs Leslie.
Cannon got to see me hold another baby for the first time...he wasn't too pleased at first.

We got to play with cousins and go for a walk in the wagon.
I love that Taylor is smiling at Cannon while he tries to get to her.
I love that all the kids are looking at Cannon instead of the camera. Haha!

We spent time with aunts, uncles and grandparents.

We attended all of Janelle's graduation festivities at BYU! YAY JANELLE!

We visited great-grandparents and gave them loves.
We saw my brother Sean perform with his school orchestra.
We got to see all of my mom's awesome handiwork from her pottery class!
She even made me a special mug that I used to drink hot chocolate. SO wonderful!

It was a wonderful trip and I was a little sad to leave Utah. We missed Scott a lot and he definitely missed us. We can't wait to live closer to home again!

Update: I forgot one other really important thing we did!
The night before leaving Utah I went to Cafe Rio and got a pork burrito, then put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I packed it in a tupperware in a tiny cooler with some ice packs. Then, I brought it back to Des Moines for Scott. It was an awesome surprise and he loved it! The tupperware didn't make it though...

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