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May 21, 2013

It's May. That's Summer, Right?

The month of May really seemed to sneak up on us this year. Cannon and I got back from Utah on May 3 and came home to cold air and snow covered cars. It seriously felt like February! It was a little disappointing especially after getting myself some new summer clothes while on our trip. I also got Cannon some cute swimwear. Swimming this summer? I think yes!

All the pictures that I have taken so far this month are of Cannon, with these few exceptions:

Some yummy meals I made that were pretty easy and gluten free! I altered them a bit, but here is a link to my Pinterest board with recipes that we have tried and love.

I got Cannon a fun little doctor's kit that was $2. I won't open it for a while because he will just chew them up with his teeth right now. I got a beautiful plant for Mother's Day and it has really bloomed nicely! I also took a photo of my bag at church on Mother's Day, as well as the aftermath of my rose once Cannon played with it a bit.

Technically, these photos have Cannon in them. Before we got the gate, I had to build a blockade so he couldn't get to the stairs. I got him some cute flip flops to match his swimwear, but of course he isn't ready for them yet. His knees have been getting so red from crawling everywhere. And of course a cool panoramic photo to show the mess in our living room. The stroller has since been put away and the swing lent to our friends.

Scott is one week into his last rotation of third year. Crazy! So including this week he has a total of four weeks left: three of Psychiatry and one back at DMU for some exams and board-prep. Then, we are off to Idaho for two weeks. YAY! During our time at home Scott will actually be on rotation and "working" but it will be so great to just be around family for a bit. After that brief rotation (and the official star of fourth year!) we will head back to Des Moines until mid-September. What comes next you ask? Things are still in the works but looking good for us to move back west! We plan to be in Idaho and Utah until Scott starts residency in the summer of 2014. I could only be more excited if we were going sooner. :)

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