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May 5, 2013

Gluten Free Pizza

Scott has celiac, so he is allergic to gluten. No wheat for this guy. Although he doesn't follow that rule and just eats what he wants sometimes then pays the price later. For a while we have been having "Pizza Tuesday" because Pap Murphy's has a Tuesday pizza deal. Also, Tuesday is a great day to have a pick-me-up. Monday is too soon, and every other day is close enough to Friday. Tuesday is perfect for our favorite meal.

Scott finally decided that he would go gluten free for pizza Tuesday. Challenge accepted! Previously we stuck with the Udi's brand pre-made crusts which are pretty good. In my experience, Udi's brand is the best. The only problem with the pre-made crusts is that they are small (and a little expensive so I don't eat them). I decided to try a few mixes.

The first one was discovered by Alan when he was visiting in November. You only add water to the mix, then roll out the dough, put on your toppings, and bake! I really liked it, but when I made it Scott said it was a little too doughy.

The second mix required apple cider vinegar and yeast, then had to rise. It was really sticky and basically had to be pasted onto the pan. After all that, you bake the crust then add toppings. It tasted fine, but the crust fell to pieces after being baked.

The third mix had some herbs in it and I think only required water, but came out with a cake batter consistency. Oh man. Our pizza pan has holes in it to cook the pizza evenly, so I came up with a solution: wax paper. I lined the pan then poured the "dough" but I didn't grease the wax paper. Here is what happened when I baked this crust:

It stuck to the wax paper and inflated. I was able to salvage the top half, but made another pizza with the first mix as a backup. I never tasted this one, and Scott said he wasn't sure about it.

Scott has now decided that Pizza Tuesday is over. Regular pizza makes him sick but gluten free "doesn't taste the same". I don't blame him, but I will miss Pizza Tuesday!

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