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May 5, 2013

A Tale of Three Spiders. No Wait, Four Spiders.

I'm a tad bit discouraged because I already wrote this post using the blogger app. Then, it didn't save. And it took lots of hand power since I used my phone to write it. Sigh. For your viewing pleasure, there is a photo of spider number two below.

A few weeks back I noticed a small spider in our bathroom. No big deal. I'm a kill-em-with-hairspray kind of girl. No squishing or smashing. Blech. Well I got the little guy and thought "what if there was like, a HUGE spider in here?!" Then told myself I was being crazy and thought nothing more.

The next day I left Cannon in his crib while I did my morning routine in the bathroom. I usually bring him in with me and lay him down on the rug, but thought we could switch it up a bit. Fast forward to about noon. Cannon was napping in our room and I was talking to Scott on the phone while cleaning up a bit. He was coming home for lunch (which never happens) and I was gathering all the trash with the last stop being the bathroom. As I picked up the trash can, I saw it. The spider. I have never seen one that big so I instantly thought it was fake. But then realized that there was no way that a fake spider had made it's way into my bathroom. I jumped backward into the hall and stifled a little scream, then whispered into the phone "Oh. My. Gosh. Huge Spider. Bathroom. Ahhhhhhhh." Scott told me just to smash it. No way! This thing was HUGE. I told him that hairspray wouldn't even touch this thing, so he suggested I spray it with bleach. I was staring at the spider while it stared back and I didn't want to leave because I knew it would hide. We couldn't have that. I ran to get the bleach and when I got back the spider was barely visible - hiding under the bathmat next to the rug. When Scott walked in I had the broom in one hand to move the bathmat, and a spray bottle of bleach in the other so I could kill the thing. He looked up the stairs at me and said "You haven't killed it yet?" to which I replied with a look of fear. He marched up the stairs and armed himself with my weapons. Once he uncovered the spider he realized that it really was huge and scary. He immediately killed it with the broom while I whispered quickly, "The bleach too! Spray it with the bleach!" He definitely killed it. How grateful am I that I didn't take Cannon in the room with me that day.

Later that day I found a tiny spider on Cannon's changing pad in the living room. NO WAY. I was courageous and I smashed it with my shoe. Bam.

The following Sunday we were gearing up for bed. I was walking Cannon around while talking to the Millers on speakerphone and Scott was studying. Something caught my eye and I realized it was another huge spider running along the wall. I half-shouted to Scott that there was another one. He grabbed the broom and went at it. We got that one too. For days I was afraid to put Cannon down or go in the bathroom.

I miss the days when I was fearless about killing spiders, like it was the easiest thing in the world. One time my friend Nicole called me to come to her house and kill one. I did just that, while reassuring her younger siblings that the dead spider could not come back once being flushed down the toilet. That spider was small, but it had the ability to jump. I need to learn to be like that again!

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