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May 31, 2013

First Family Road Trip!

Scott and I both had Memorial Day off, so we took to the road! On Friday we spent the evening at home. After Cannon fell asleep we were able to watch a movie together. It was really nice! On Saturday we spent the day at home as well cleaning, doing laundry and playing with the little man. That evening we had the missionaries over for dinner and three elders came. We had a good time! I made black bean enchiladas (soooo delicious) and made enough to send some home with the elders. They had a nice time with Cannon and after dinner we all talked about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families.

On Sunday we got up at went to church in the morning, and Cannon never really took a nap until we got home at noon. He slept while we packed up the car. It is hard to travel lightly with a baby on board! This trip was a great trial run for when we drive back west this summer. About an hour into our drive we came across an accident so traffic was backed up for a while. Soon after we got out of that little jam it started to rain. Not just rain, but pour. You know, like it does in the Midwest? I couldn't go over 50 mph for a while while it rained. What should have taken about three and a half hours took us five, but no complaints from me! I think that is pretty good considering the traffic, weather, and stopping twice for the little man.

After reaching our hotel we skyped with the Millers and had fun chatting with them. We can't wait to visit soon! Then we walked next door to Culver's for burgers. Yum! After that it was bed time for the little one while we stayed up watching TV. We don't have cable so it was fun to actually watch TV for a bit. Haha!

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel before heading to Mall of America. That place was pretty cool! Sure, a mall is a mall anywhere you go, but this mall is huge. And has tons of cool stuff. And I loved it there. And I want to go back just to shop. After the mall we drove into St. Paul to visit Rice Park and the Saint Paul Cathedral. At the park there were some cool statues of Peanuts characters as Charles Schulz is from St. Paul. There was also a statue of F. Scott Fitzgerald because he is from St. Paul as well. We didn't stop to go inside the cathedral or anything, but it was beautiful! Getting back to the freeway we wound through some neighborhoods just loving the houses we saw.

On our way out of town and back to Iowa we stopped to see the Fort Snelling National Cemetary. We didn't even know it was nearby until someone had mentioned it to me at the hotel during breakfast. We didn't spend much time there because it was so busy (being Memorial Day and all) but it was incredible to see and remember those who have sacrificed so much for the freedom that we have.

At Mall of America! The Peeps store was my favorite, with the Lego store being a close second. They had tons of HUGS characters built out of legos and some wall art built from legos too. And check out that wall full of bins of legos! Scott really enjoyed that. :)

Rice Park with all the statues. The weather was perfect while we were out at the park - not too hot and not too cold. And it wasn't raining!

I am going to post a few more pictures of our trip on Cannon's Blog soon, so be sure to visit! If you need an invite, let me know.

May 24, 2013

Mikarose Clothing

Guys. Er, um, girls. Yeah this is more for girls. Unless you are a guy that likes to buy clothes for your lady. Modest, stylish clothes. It has probably  been around for a while, but I just discovered Mikarose clothing when I was back home in Utah. Walking through their store I wanted to buy just about everything, but as I am currently nursing, many of the super-cute dresses would just sit in my closet for a while. I did find one dress that looked good for nursing, the Rebecca dress. I tried it on and was sad to say it didn't fit quite right on my shoulders. I would have spent more time perusing but I had an antsy six-month-old with me. I can't wait to go back!

So today I stumbled across this blog, Our Daily Obsessions. Not only do I really like this blog, but they just posted a giveaway for $50 at Mikarose! Yes, please! I never seem to win things like this, but it is still worth a shot for something this great!

May 21, 2013

It's May. That's Summer, Right?

The month of May really seemed to sneak up on us this year. Cannon and I got back from Utah on May 3 and came home to cold air and snow covered cars. It seriously felt like February! It was a little disappointing especially after getting myself some new summer clothes while on our trip. I also got Cannon some cute swimwear. Swimming this summer? I think yes!

All the pictures that I have taken so far this month are of Cannon, with these few exceptions:

Some yummy meals I made that were pretty easy and gluten free! I altered them a bit, but here is a link to my Pinterest board with recipes that we have tried and love.

I got Cannon a fun little doctor's kit that was $2. I won't open it for a while because he will just chew them up with his teeth right now. I got a beautiful plant for Mother's Day and it has really bloomed nicely! I also took a photo of my bag at church on Mother's Day, as well as the aftermath of my rose once Cannon played with it a bit.

Technically, these photos have Cannon in them. Before we got the gate, I had to build a blockade so he couldn't get to the stairs. I got him some cute flip flops to match his swimwear, but of course he isn't ready for them yet. His knees have been getting so red from crawling everywhere. And of course a cool panoramic photo to show the mess in our living room. The stroller has since been put away and the swing lent to our friends.

Scott is one week into his last rotation of third year. Crazy! So including this week he has a total of four weeks left: three of Psychiatry and one back at DMU for some exams and board-prep. Then, we are off to Idaho for two weeks. YAY! During our time at home Scott will actually be on rotation and "working" but it will be so great to just be around family for a bit. After that brief rotation (and the official star of fourth year!) we will head back to Des Moines until mid-September. What comes next you ask? Things are still in the works but looking good for us to move back west! We plan to be in Idaho and Utah until Scott starts residency in the summer of 2014. I could only be more excited if we were going sooner. :)

May 20, 2013

Our Trip To Utah

Cannon and I had a great time on our (almost) two week trip to Utah. We saw so many friends and family members (Cannon got to meet most of his cousins), ate at all my favorite places (including home), and enjoyed all the festivities. I will tell the story of our trip in photos.

We left Scott behind in Des Moines while he was on his surgery rotation. He spent many long days and a few nights at the hospital while we were gone. Our first day in Utah we got up and went straight to the dentist so I could get a broken tooth fixed. We also got to check out Grandpa Steve's new car!

We ate lots of yummy food. In N Out, Jamba Juice, Cafe Rio, Zupas...
We also had our fill of creamies/ice cream bars and yummy home cooked meals!

We had a peep roast with my family.
Basically we use peeps to make s'mores. They are delicious!

We got to see lots of friends! We had a Lunch Group Reunion dinner and a BBQ with all my high school friends from my home ward.
We also got to see the Peterson's and one of my BFFs Leslie.
Cannon got to see me hold another baby for the first time...he wasn't too pleased at first.

We got to play with cousins and go for a walk in the wagon.
I love that Taylor is smiling at Cannon while he tries to get to her.
I love that all the kids are looking at Cannon instead of the camera. Haha!

We spent time with aunts, uncles and grandparents.

We attended all of Janelle's graduation festivities at BYU! YAY JANELLE!

We visited great-grandparents and gave them loves.
We saw my brother Sean perform with his school orchestra.
We got to see all of my mom's awesome handiwork from her pottery class!
She even made me a special mug that I used to drink hot chocolate. SO wonderful!

It was a wonderful trip and I was a little sad to leave Utah. We missed Scott a lot and he definitely missed us. We can't wait to live closer to home again!

Update: I forgot one other really important thing we did!
The night before leaving Utah I went to Cafe Rio and got a pork burrito, then put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I packed it in a tupperware in a tiny cooler with some ice packs. Then, I brought it back to Des Moines for Scott. It was an awesome surprise and he loved it! The tupperware didn't make it though...

May 6, 2013

Visit From Cousins!

My cousin Skyler and I were very close while growing up and especially through high school and our first year of college. He and I are only a month apart and get along really well. We have always been able to be very open and honest with each other.

Last month, Skyler married a great girl named Sylvia. I am so excited for them! After their honeymoon, they packed up their belongings and moved to South Carolina for Skyler's new job. They left Utah the day before I left Iowa, so it seemed that we were going to miss each other. Instead, Skyler drove through Des Moines and they stopped to see us just a few hours before we left. Favorite cousin award!

It was great to meet Sylvia and to see Skyler after a few years. Cannon got along great with them! He and Sylvia had a lot of fun together while Skyler said that he "doesn't hold babies". Something about being thrown up on by his niece once. Cannon really wanted to sit with Skyler but couldn't, and it was fun for me to watch all the action.

May 5, 2013

Scottie Boy

I just realized that I call Scott "Scottie Boy" and I call Cannon "Cannon Man". Hmm.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment and say that I have an awesome husband. He has been working so hard to learn and develop his skills as a physician. It will be a fun new chapter when he graduates next year then in another four years when he completes his residency, but for now we will try to enjoy the rest of our time as students.

Doctor buddies!
He was eating when I took this... :D
This photo was taken for Cannon, and he loves it!

Adoption Celebration

Remember our friends Brad and Erica? Erica is the one who takes all of our pictures. They were recently selected to adopt a baby girl who is due just a few weeks from now! Last month we went to an adoption celebration for them. It was so fun! There was yummy food and lots of people. Cannon was overwhelmed at first, but quickly settled in and had a fun time. He even got to play with another baby his age! We enjoyed sharing the time with all of Brad and Erica's friends. You can read more about the celebration and view more photos here on their blog.

Erica and Cannon

These two are just a month apart. They had fun on the floor together.

Rain, Rain, Rain

It rained a lot in April, but that's ok because April showers bring May flowers. Am I right? I sure hope so, because Des Moines got a fair amount of snow in the first few days of May. Upsetting. It felt like February all over again.

Our backyard in kind of a little valley and has a drain in it, but it can't keep up with the rainstorms so it becomes a giant puddle. This time, the puddle was so big and deep that we had a visitor:

View from our back door. Can you see the duck?
There he is!
Even when the water had receded the next day, he brought a friend over for a swim.

Gluten Free Pizza

Scott has celiac, so he is allergic to gluten. No wheat for this guy. Although he doesn't follow that rule and just eats what he wants sometimes then pays the price later. For a while we have been having "Pizza Tuesday" because Pap Murphy's has a Tuesday pizza deal. Also, Tuesday is a great day to have a pick-me-up. Monday is too soon, and every other day is close enough to Friday. Tuesday is perfect for our favorite meal.

Scott finally decided that he would go gluten free for pizza Tuesday. Challenge accepted! Previously we stuck with the Udi's brand pre-made crusts which are pretty good. In my experience, Udi's brand is the best. The only problem with the pre-made crusts is that they are small (and a little expensive so I don't eat them). I decided to try a few mixes.

The first one was discovered by Alan when he was visiting in November. You only add water to the mix, then roll out the dough, put on your toppings, and bake! I really liked it, but when I made it Scott said it was a little too doughy.

The second mix required apple cider vinegar and yeast, then had to rise. It was really sticky and basically had to be pasted onto the pan. After all that, you bake the crust then add toppings. It tasted fine, but the crust fell to pieces after being baked.

The third mix had some herbs in it and I think only required water, but came out with a cake batter consistency. Oh man. Our pizza pan has holes in it to cook the pizza evenly, so I came up with a solution: wax paper. I lined the pan then poured the "dough" but I didn't grease the wax paper. Here is what happened when I baked this crust:

It stuck to the wax paper and inflated. I was able to salvage the top half, but made another pizza with the first mix as a backup. I never tasted this one, and Scott said he wasn't sure about it.

Scott has now decided that Pizza Tuesday is over. Regular pizza makes him sick but gluten free "doesn't taste the same". I don't blame him, but I will miss Pizza Tuesday!

A Tale of Three Spiders. No Wait, Four Spiders.

I'm a tad bit discouraged because I already wrote this post using the blogger app. Then, it didn't save. And it took lots of hand power since I used my phone to write it. Sigh. For your viewing pleasure, there is a photo of spider number two below.

A few weeks back I noticed a small spider in our bathroom. No big deal. I'm a kill-em-with-hairspray kind of girl. No squishing or smashing. Blech. Well I got the little guy and thought "what if there was like, a HUGE spider in here?!" Then told myself I was being crazy and thought nothing more.

The next day I left Cannon in his crib while I did my morning routine in the bathroom. I usually bring him in with me and lay him down on the rug, but thought we could switch it up a bit. Fast forward to about noon. Cannon was napping in our room and I was talking to Scott on the phone while cleaning up a bit. He was coming home for lunch (which never happens) and I was gathering all the trash with the last stop being the bathroom. As I picked up the trash can, I saw it. The spider. I have never seen one that big so I instantly thought it was fake. But then realized that there was no way that a fake spider had made it's way into my bathroom. I jumped backward into the hall and stifled a little scream, then whispered into the phone "Oh. My. Gosh. Huge Spider. Bathroom. Ahhhhhhhh." Scott told me just to smash it. No way! This thing was HUGE. I told him that hairspray wouldn't even touch this thing, so he suggested I spray it with bleach. I was staring at the spider while it stared back and I didn't want to leave because I knew it would hide. We couldn't have that. I ran to get the bleach and when I got back the spider was barely visible - hiding under the bathmat next to the rug. When Scott walked in I had the broom in one hand to move the bathmat, and a spray bottle of bleach in the other so I could kill the thing. He looked up the stairs at me and said "You haven't killed it yet?" to which I replied with a look of fear. He marched up the stairs and armed himself with my weapons. Once he uncovered the spider he realized that it really was huge and scary. He immediately killed it with the broom while I whispered quickly, "The bleach too! Spray it with the bleach!" He definitely killed it. How grateful am I that I didn't take Cannon in the room with me that day.

Later that day I found a tiny spider on Cannon's changing pad in the living room. NO WAY. I was courageous and I smashed it with my shoe. Bam.

The following Sunday we were gearing up for bed. I was walking Cannon around while talking to the Millers on speakerphone and Scott was studying. Something caught my eye and I realized it was another huge spider running along the wall. I half-shouted to Scott that there was another one. He grabbed the broom and went at it. We got that one too. For days I was afraid to put Cannon down or go in the bathroom.

I miss the days when I was fearless about killing spiders, like it was the easiest thing in the world. One time my friend Nicole called me to come to her house and kill one. I did just that, while reassuring her younger siblings that the dead spider could not come back once being flushed down the toilet. That spider was small, but it had the ability to jump. I need to learn to be like that again!

Family Photos!

The month of April was pretty great all-around. Last time I posted, we were having family pictures taken. (Let me take a moment to let you know that the talented Erica took these for us. She is the best!) They turned out SO well! We also took a few just of Cannon, but I will post those on his blog. Here are a few family shots that I really liked:

Isn't Erica so talented? In case you don't remember, she has taken our photos so many times. Family photos after moving to Iowa, my maternity photos, and Cannon's newborn photos. And now these! I love, love, love them. I don't know what to do when she and I don't live close to each other anymore - not just for the photos though. She is such a great friend!