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March 2, 2013

Scott's Surgery

Just after our little guy was born, we discovered that Scott had a thyroglossal duct cyst. Weird, right? I guess they aren't very common and can be dormant for years and years. One day we noticed a mass on his neck... A lump in his throat if you will. We ultimately figured out what it was an he saw an ENT who said that surgery to remove the cyst would be best. So here we are, post surgery. I won't post pictures of Scottie's neck. Well, maybe I will once he has recovered so we can go day by day.

In the waiting room.
In the waiting room.
Pre-op. The nurse told Scott to wear the second gown like Batman's cape. 
Post-op. Very confused from the anesthesia.
Trying to relax with the little man.

Why I Love Hot Chocolate So Much

In a recent post I mentioned my love for hot chocolate and it made me think back on all my hot chocolate memories.

The first and greatest memory I have of hot chocolate was at my grandma's house. Whenever we slept over at grandma's she would make us hot chocolate and we would sit on her deck to watch the sun set while we drank it. I particularly remember doing this on warm days when the temperature was just starting to drop with the sun. She had different mugs for us to choose from, and for many years I chose a new mug to give to her at Christmas.

I have lots of great memories with my grandma and I think that will feed into another post... :)

My next bout of hot chocolate mania came with the discovery of the machine at 7-11 during my first semester of college. I think that Nicole and I went to the sev more often than just about anywhere else and we often paired a cup with a donut. One night we went really late while up doing homework. Then we took someone to the airport a few hours later and stopped off for more on our way home. Needless to say, we quickly became friends with the night shift employees.

While Scott and I were dating it wasn't long before he discovered my addiction and he indulged it on occasion. There was also a time around the holidays that Scott's dad made hot chocolate for everyone. Bliss.

In Iowa we don't have 7-11 but I gave a few other places a try. McDonald's and Panera both have amazing peppermint hot chocolate but those are just seasonal. But you had better believe that I stop off at the sev in Utah when I get the chance.

And you know what? I can't find one picture with hot chocolate in it.