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February 19, 2013

The Weekend

Last week Scott finished up his ER rotation (kind of glad it's over) and finalized his first few rotations for next year. Fourth year can be a little crazy because you kind of get to choose your own rotations. We are trying to set a few up in Utah and Idaho to spend some time at home. So far that plan is only kind of working, but we do have two weeks set up in Boise!

On Friday night my BFFE Liz arrived to visit for the weekend. We all had a great time! She got to meet Cannon and they had lots of fun together. On Saturday we all went on an adventure to see the Bridges of Madison County and the birthplace of John Wayne. Pretty cool, right? After our adventure we all had dinner at PF Changs (one of my more up-scale faves) then watched Pitch Perfect (at Liz's insistence) and I laughed so hard!

On Sunday we all went to church for ward conference. I had a meeting after church was over, so Scott and Liz babysat a few kids for us primary ladies. We had a nice afternoon relaxing at home and watching Phantom of The Opera (NOT the movie version).

Today Scott started his Radiology rotation and was done for the day by lunchtime. Kind of strange, but we went with it. Liz, Cannon and I went to Historic Valley Junction and browsed through the shops before having lunch at a place called The General Store. Yum! It was SO good that we deemed it our new lunch place when Liz comes to visit in the future. After our outing we had to bid Liz farewell.

There was a lot of grafitti in all the bridges.

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