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February 17, 2013

My Valentines

Scott knows so perfectly how to please me.

While we were dating he took me to the sev (aka 7-11) for hot chocolate even though it was August. I LOVE hot chocolate, especially from 7-11. It may have more to do with memories than anything.... More on that another time.

Way back in June 2011 I started having trouble with my right arm and shoulder. After a long few days with different doctors Scott took me to McDonald's (Guys you know I love that place way too much).

Yesterday he was in West Des Moines for work (technically school but we call it work) and stopped to get me Chick-fil-a. He also snagged us tickets to an Iowa Energy game which is actually very meaningful. Last year we went to a game and saw the same opposing team - on the day we found out I was pregnant. Now, a year later we will take our son to the same game with us.

I didn't take a picture with Scottie on Valentine's Day. It completely slipped my mind, but there is always tomorrow. I did take lots of pictures with the little man though. He is one cute kid!

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