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February 7, 2013

Life As A Working Mother

Things around here have been pretty busy lately since I went back to work. I honestly wasn't sure that I could do it, and I now have a HUGE respect for working mothers. Not only was it tough to leave Cannon with someone else, but then to come home wanting nothing more than to play with him but having to take care of other things as well (dishes, laundry, cooking, etc). I went back on a Wednesday which was much easier then starting out with a full week. The first two days I took Cannon to our friend Erica's house, and she was so great! For the next two weeks, my step-mom Erin came to stay and help us out. We were so grateful! She got to learn all about caring for a three-month-old.

On the 16th I gave my official notice at work and it was such a relief! I really didn't know how to approach the subject without just blurting it out, so the conversation started a little awkwardly. Thankfully, everyone at work was very understanding (especially my awesome supervisor). I was actually surprised at how much support I received on my decision to be a stay-at-home mom. Growing up in Utah it is very common to be a stay-at-home mom, but it is not the same in Iowa. I did find one thing interesting though...a handful of people wondered aloud how quickly I would be bored and beg to come back. I later realized that those are the people who really don't know me too well. Being a mother and being home with my child(ren) has been my dream as long as I can remember. I never planned a big career or anything. I wanted (and still want) nothing more than to be home and be a mom, so I was definitely disappointed by those few people. Water under the bridge!

For my last week of work my dad came to help out. It was fun to watch him interact with Cannon and remember fun times growing up. It was also fun to eat all of the yummy treats my dad got for us. During the three weeks back at work I came home every day during my lunch hour so I could feed Cannon and spend a few minutes with him. It was wonderful to see him smile when I came in the door! By the end of the three weeks he was definitely missing his mom though. I'm glad that I only needed to be gone for a few weeks instead of months. Since I have been home again he has had fewer mini-meltdowns and is much happier again. He is also back on track with his sleeping schedule and I am SO grateful for that!

A welcome back sign from my team.
Sleeping baby at the babysitter's house.
Home for some baby time during lunch.
Erica and Cannon having a snuggle day.
Nana Erin and Cannon.
Sunday nap time. :)
Playing with Grandpa Steve and learning to roll over.
Leaving work on my last day! It was SO cold out.
Happy to have mom back!

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