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February 19, 2013

Goodbye Wells Fargo

I meant to publish this one weeks ago...

I had been searching for a good job all summer for when we moved to Iowa in August of 2010. The day we arrived in town I had a phone interview with Wells Fargo. A few days later I was interviewed then hired to start a few weeks after that.

The job itself had ups and downs like most other jobs, especially since it was a customer service call center. After working for six months I progressed to the "elite" escalation team where I got to take the angry customer calls as well as assistance calls from my fellow team members. After another six months I snagged a spot on the Quality Monitoring team where I was able to monitor the recorded phone calls. I am just now noticing the trend, but six months later I started as Work Director. After another six months I switched teams to team up with a brand new supervisor and a team full of brand new employees.

Last Friday (February 1) was my last day at Wells Fargo and it is difficult to put my feelings into words. I absolutely loved working there. My first few months on the job I had a rough time, but I think that was more due to the overall life adjustment since we had just moved away from everyone and everything we knew. Scott mentioned that since we moved here, Wells has been the center of our lives (not medical school...haha). That is where I made most of my friends, where we parked for free downtown, where I got involved with volunteer work, etc. I really enjoyed the people that I worked with and the constant progression of things. It was a great place for me to be - until now. Now I should be home with my son.

Although my days at Wells have come to an end I look forward to carrying relationships with the friends that I made there. People who showed me restaurants around town. People who helped us move. People who walked to my car with me after dark.People who helped up prepare for Cannon. People who confided in me. People who believed in me. People who baked awesome treats for me on my last day (*cough* Kristin *cough*). And of course I'll miss the SWAG:

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