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January 6, 2013

2012 In Review

- I was promoted to a new position at work
- Scott's rotations for third year were posted and we would be staying in Des Moines
- We found out that I was pregnant!
- I had my first ultrasound
- My mom and step-dad arrived to visit and we spent a few days seeing Nauvoo
- My dad and brother Sean came to visit
- We moved to a bigger, newer and much nicer town home
- I had my second ultrasound and we found out we were having a boy!
- My best friend Liz came to visit
- Scott took his first board exam, USMLE
- We celebrated my birthday by going to the zoo
- Scott took his second board exam, COMLEX
- We took a trip to Utah where we celebrated Scott's birthday and I had two baby showers
- Scott got back his score for USMLE
- Scott's cousin Bryan stayed the night on his way to DC
- Our niece Meadow was born!
- Scott started his first rotation
- I had a baby shower in Des Moines
- My dad came to visit with my sister Cherish, her husband Joey and their baby Meadow.
- My mom came to visit and help get ready for the baby
- My due date! Labor started and my in-laws arrived
- My dad arrived. Our son Cannon was born!
- My step-dad Alan arrived to help with Cannon
- Scott and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary
- Cannon got to meet Santa
- We traveled to Idaho for Christmas
- We blessed Cannon
- The three of us rang in the new year together in Des Moines

2012 was a wonderful year and I am excited to see the road ahead!

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