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January 6, 2013

2012 In Review

- I was promoted to a new position at work
- Scott's rotations for third year were posted and we would be staying in Des Moines
- We found out that I was pregnant!
- I had my first ultrasound
- My mom and step-dad arrived to visit and we spent a few days seeing Nauvoo
- My dad and brother Sean came to visit
- We moved to a bigger, newer and much nicer town home
- I had my second ultrasound and we found out we were having a boy!
- My best friend Liz came to visit
- Scott took his first board exam, USMLE
- We celebrated my birthday by going to the zoo
- Scott took his second board exam, COMLEX
- We took a trip to Utah where we celebrated Scott's birthday and I had two baby showers
- Scott got back his score for USMLE
- Scott's cousin Bryan stayed the night on his way to DC
- Our niece Meadow was born!
- Scott started his first rotation
- I had a baby shower in Des Moines
- My dad came to visit with my sister Cherish, her husband Joey and their baby Meadow.
- My mom came to visit and help get ready for the baby
- My due date! Labor started and my in-laws arrived
- My dad arrived. Our son Cannon was born!
- My step-dad Alan arrived to help with Cannon
- Scott and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary
- Cannon got to meet Santa
- We traveled to Idaho for Christmas
- We blessed Cannon
- The three of us rang in the new year together in Des Moines

2012 was a wonderful year and I am excited to see the road ahead!

The Holidays Were Awesome

We were able to spend a week at home over Christmas. It was wonderful! Here are a few things that we did.

There was a blizzard in Des Moines a few days before we left.
It was crazy. EVERYTHING was shut down and people were told to just stay home.
Cannon went on his first airplane ride and did very well.
Cannon got to visit the blue turf of Boise State (inside the airport).
We made a "gingerbread" house. Tradition!
We acted out the nativity.
We played with Cannon. He was so spoiled by all the attention!
There was always someone wanting to hold him.
We read stories with Grandpa Dave.
We opened presents.
Celebrated Cannon's first Christmas!

Took naps.
Blessed Cannon
Celebrated Sean's 18th birthday!
Went out to dinner. We also saw Les Miserables. Incredible!
We celebrated the new year back in Des Moines.
As usual, our trip was much too short. We loved every minute of being home and being with family.