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November 29, 2013

A Belated Birthday To My BFFE

Liz. Liz Beagles. She is my BFFE. Wednesday was her birthday! In her honor, here are some photos of us together. The first bunch of photos are from my pre-Iowa days (2007-2010) and the second set are from our time during Iowa (2010-2013).

Liz and I met while working at JCPenney in the fall of 2006. She has been by my side through country dancing, crazy dates, breakups, road trips, camping, snowboarding, and movie premieres. She has also been around for some big events in my life: my wedding (she threw me a bridal shower), my move to Iowa (and a move while in Iowa and the move back to Utah), and Cannon's birth (she came to my shower and visited soon after he was born). She visited Des Moines on a few occasions and we rocked all the touristy things together (a few times we had people mistake us for a lesbian couple).

Lastly, I should mention that Liz and I have a song. Yep. We do. I't's called "You And Me" by Plain White Ts and it describes us perfectly! Give it a listen if you have a few minutes.

You and me, Liz. We like the same kind of music. We couldn't stand being normal. We both laugh at the most random situations. You know what I'm going to say before my mouth even makes a sound! And that's why we make a good you and me.

November 19, 2013

10,000 Page Views!

That's a big deal, right? Even if it's the same 10 people checking up on us...

Anyway, we are still living our lives in Idaho and I am loving it. Things quieted down a bit just before Halloween when all the siblings left, but we have been keeping busy while waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around!

Halloween was a lot of fun with the little man around. He and I wore our Halloween shirts (naturally) and I sported my Halloween socks. He dressed up as Superman and got lots of smiles at the ward party. On an unrelated note, I left a Diet Coke in the super cold mini fridge and, well, it exploded.

Scott and I have taken advantage of willing, trustworthy babysitters and gone out a few times. We had a dinner date at a Mongolian Grill (Scott's original fave from way back when he was in high school) and it was FANTASTIC. I can't wait to go back there. We also had a temple night together at the Boise Temple and it was soooooo wonderful. I am incredibly grateful for the temple. We also had a lunch date for our anniversary, but more on that later.

I had a Cherry Coke Zero for the first time in weeks and I savored every sip. I tell ya, I love that stuff. Scott installed a rain chain to fix a leaky gutter situation (he is becoming quite the handyman). I got a new pair of glasses, and am very pleased about it. The last time I got a pair of glasses was in May 2005. They are quite outdated (to say the least) since my eyesight has continued to worsen over the years. Fun side note though, my eyesight hasn't changed in the past two years. Yay!

I have jumped back into reading now that I feel like I have more time and I picked a great book to start out with: Tuesdays With Morrie. If you haven't read it, you should. If you have read it, you should read it again. I also take great pride in my ability to get tough stains out of clothes...Cannon really did a number on this white shirt of his, and I am happy to report that it looks as good as new after just one wash! Lastly (but certainly not least), I snapped a photo of Scott's grandparents walking in the hallway at church. Holding hands.

Scott is off interviewing again, this week in Houston and St. Louis. Once he gets home, the siblings start arriving for Thanksgiving. HOORAY! I see funtivities in the near future.

November 7, 2013

Back in Boise

After our stint in Tucson, we drove to Provo and stayed for a day. It was a busy day! Cannon and I spent time at my grandma's house where my aunt and uncle were visiting for the weekend. My dad's friend from Alaska was also in town, and had his awesome camera with him, so he got a few great shots of Cannon at the park. I also must mention our dinner at the Cannon Center with Melanie. We got there right before closing so we grabbed a ton of food while we had the chance! Other than that we spent time unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking. It was a little strange going from summer in Des Moines to summer in Provo to summer in Tucson but then coming back to Provo and jumping right into fall. I definitely left our summer clothes in Provo and packed all of our fall clothes (hello sweaters and boots).

On Sunday we finished the packing and reluctantly got back in the car for our drive to Boise. At the last minute Scott grabbed all of Cannon's bigger toys and stuffed those into the backseat as well. The drive was actually pretty fantastic and we made great time with the lack of construction. Upon arrival we had dinner with the family and birthday cake for dessert.

Things around here have been pretty fantastic. Janelle was here for the first week with us, and the weekend brought the whole family in for stake conference where Scott's dad was released from his calling as the stake president. We spent time at the mall and time at the pumpkin patch and it was a splendid weekend.

Scott has been scheduling residency interviews and traveled to Oklahoma City last week. He will be traveling a lot in the next few months, but we are excited to see our prospects in a little more detail. After his interviews, Scott will rank the programs in order of preference and the programs will rank their applicants in order of preference. In the spring we will find out which program we "matched" into, and that is where Scott will start his residency on July 1, 2014. His residency will be four years, so we will definitely have to stay put for a little while. I am excited for our next adventure (not to mention having a paycheck again)! You want to hear something funny though? Right now we are really loving University of Iowa (you guessed it - it's in Iowa) and are contemplating the possibility of heading to Iowas City for the next four years. We will see what happens!

Under The Tucson Sun

Scott had a four-week rotation in Tucson at University of Arizona, so the three of us headed south for a few weeks. The original plan was to all drive down together, but Cannon had been sick all week. The night before we were supposed to leave Scott and I decided that it wasn't fair to Cannon to be strapped in his car seat for hours and hours when he was so sick. Scott left as planned, then I watched Cannon for a few days to see how he was coming along. Within two days he was like a different kid, and getting back to his normal self, so I booked a flight for the weekend.

Before heading to Tucson I had found a furnished condo for us to rent for the month. This was better than staying in a hotel for a few reasons, but mainly so we had separate bedrooms and were close to the university. Cannon goes to bed early and we didn't want to sit in silence every evening while he slept. We also ended up only two miles from the hospital. The place was perfect for us and worked great for Cannon - especially the swimming pool (even though it was freezing cold).

Since we didn't really want to buy staples to make meals, we lived off of Costco chicken bakes and frozen pizza with vegetables on the side. We had salads a few times and indulged ourselves with In N Out and Chick Fil A once or twice. Scott also had a meal card at the hospital and was thrilled with the daily selection of fresh sushi.

My highlight of our Tucson trip was spending time with my friend Harmony and her new baby! Harmony and I have known each other for ages...since like second grade. We grew up just a few houses away from each other and had lots and lots of adventures (I'll admit, the adventures were mainly mischievous ones), including our senior trip in Cancun. Her little man was only two weeks old when I arrived. It was so fun to just spend time with her again and to meet her baby. Cannon got to come along most of the time and he really enjoyed scaring the dog.

We didn't really do much else while we were there aside from watching TV (having cable is always fun for us), taking walks outside, and venturing to the store multiple times each week as a way to get out of the house. We also celebrated Cannon's birthday!

Scott was able to interview for the residency program while we were there, and after finishing up his rotation we hit the road! We left on Friday morning around 9:30 and drove all the way to Provo. It was a long drive, but we made it!

A Month In Utah

Being in Utah was fantastic, although it was insanely busy. Scott was rotating at a hospital in Orem and had a pretty low-key schedule. I was working a lot, usually at the office. Sometimes Cannon would come with me and other times he would stay home with Scott. We got to spend a lot of time with family and friends - we even left the little man at home with Grandpa Steve while we went on a date! Pretty great, right?

It was really fun to be home again, especially without such a time crunch to see people. Our first weekend there (Labor Day) we got to spend time with Scott's parents and two of his sisters. Janelle was in town from Cedar City and Melanie had just moved back for another year at BYU.

Melanie and I spent a lot of time together, mainly watching our favorite shows. She introduced me to the newer release of Footloose. I loved it. There was a downside though, I got a mild case of pinkeye. Blech. Cannon seemed ok but then got the flu. And ear infections. It was rough on him (and us) for about a week.

When we unloaded the truck we just piled everything in the living room. These are some before and after shots (it looked even better when ALL the stuff was put away). We spent some time gathering tasty vegetables from my step-dad's garden (fresh tomatoes are basically my favorite) and Cannon loved to play outside. My sister had an awesome moving sale, so we snatched a few things up. I love the owl and the festive fall dish! My parents got the couch and it is fantastic!

Aside from the illnesses it was great to visit people - especially my grandma! We also had some quality family time where everyone was enthralled by The Lorax. It's a good show!

Goodbye Iowa!

Per usual, this turned out to be a longer-than-I-intended sort of post, so let me sum it up if you don't want to read the details: we moved away from Iowa and made it safely to Utah!

Packing up our stuff was a little crazy. I was still working full time from home and being a full-time mommy. Scott had a lot going on as well trying to prepare for the months to come.

On Friday, August 23 my dad flew to Des Moines. After picking him up we all had a really tasty lunch at Applebee's before getting our U-Haul truck. Once we got home with the truck, Scott and my dad started moving stuff, starting with the washer and dryer. Shortly after they started, the missionaries arrived to help. Between the four guys the truck got loaded up pretty quickly! As usual with most of our moves, I had everything packed by the random odds and ends. All of the random stuff ended up piled in the living room where we consolidated it that evening.

While we were packing up the truck, my pal Leslie came over and we all had pizza. Later that evening, Scott's cousin Mike arrived to stay the night with us on his way home from selling for Dish in Indiana. (Fun side note: Scott's cousins Jeff, Bryan and Mike (they are brothers) have all stayed with us in Des Moines. We loved having visitors!) He helped us with some cleaning before we all just relaxed and chatted for a while. My good friend and previous boss Steve also stopped by to bid us farewell.

In the morning Cannon woke up really early and I decided to embrace it. Scott and I got up and showered before Mike left. We loaded up all the random stuff then finished all of the cleaning while Scott ran to a doctor's appointment. He brought back McDonald's for breakfast and we headed out shortly after eating.

Scott dropped Cannon and I at the airport before meeting my dad at the U-Haul place to load the car on a dolly to be towed. Originally, my dad was going to drive the truck for us while Scott, Cannon and I drove our car. After Scott had so much trouble with his flights getting home from Philadelphia, he got
a flight credit from the airline. We used that to get me a plane ticket and paid for a tow dolly instead of more gas to fuel our car. It was awesome to be able to fly with Cannon instead of having him stuck in the car. I don't mind the driving, but Can man has a tough time.

Our travel was fantastic. Since Cannon woke up early and didn't nap before our flight, he slept through the whole flight. He also slept through most of the second flight. I also must mention that the airport and airline personnel were all incredibly wonderful. Even fellow passengers were nice to talk to and friendly with Cannon. It was by far the best travel experience I have ever had, which is funny considering how we got the flight credit in the first place.

Meanwhile, Scott and my dad were packing the miles in and made it to Laramie, WY before stopping for the night. On Saturday they finished the drive and we unloaded the "essentials". We didn't have to return the truck until Tuesday, so we took our sweet time before unloading.

Now, since I never ever posted pictures of our "new place" in Des Moines, here are the pictures taken just before we left. :)

October 26, 2013

My Iowa Bestie

Happy Birthday to my Iowa Bestie!

Ok so you may have figured out by now that I have lots of best friends. It's true. I have always been fortunate to have many different friends. In high school I had my handful of "core" friends, but I never stuck with one group of people.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to Leslie (aka my Iowa bestie). It's her birthday! Seeing as how I "left her in Iowa all alone" the least I can do is write about her a little bit. Leslie and I met at church in Des Moines and quickly became friends. I had been in Iowa for a year and she had just moved there (from Utah). I think our first official friend outing was when we went out as "drinking buddies" with some of my work friends. A lot of the bars give free soda to encourage designated driving, and the particular bar we went to also had free popcorn. I love popcorn. Leslie loves popcorn. Enough said.

Leslie and I tried to craft together, although we didn't get far. We completed exactly half of our Halloween craft before putting it away for later (maybe it's time to finish?) We did handle our Valentine craft nicely and I proudly display the felt heart garland when appropriate.

We have had many adventures together and our activities became much more frequent when we realized that I was leaving Iowa in August. We had many lunches together (usually at my house) and spent a day at the zoo. Les, I miss you!

September 29, 2013

Our Iowa Experience

Once upon a time (August 2010) Scott and I moved to Des Moines, Iowa. Scott had only been there once before for his interview, and I had never been. We didn't know anyone and had found a place to live via craigslist. Click here for a post on why we went to Iowa.
The first few months were tough, being in a new place with a new job and new people. Work was hard for me because I had to "start back at the bottom" as a regular agent after managing another call center over the previous summer. As time went on we settled in to our new lives and learned to find our way around the area. It became home.

Winters were insanely cold with real blizzards and I developed a greater appreciation for Mormon Pioneers who had lived through the same conditions at Winter Quarters. Summers were hot and humid. For the most part I loved it, but there were a few times that we felt like dying because of the heat.

Although we don't plan to move back to Iowa (unless Scott matches into a residency program there) or live there long term, Des Moines will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where Scott and I really lived on our own for the first time and where our son was born. We probably won't make a point to visit, but if an opportunity arises then I would be happy to head back for a few days and see some friends.

In the three years that we lived in Iowa we had lots of experiences with school, work, church, neighbors, friends, etc. Here are links to a few highlights:

August 15, 2013

Random Update

After Scott's stint in PA, he took two more sets of boards. First was USMLE Step 2, which was basically a beast (and is not required for D.O.s but Scottie is a champ and this will help with residency). A few weeks prior there was a new version of the test released which means we have to wait even longer to get his scores back. Gaaaaaaaaah. The following week Scott headed back to the testing center to take his COMLEX Level 2 which is required as a D.O. So now we wait, wait, and wait for scores which should all come back around the same time - while we are in Tucson. No complaints from us if the scores were to magically come back sooner!

We are moving in a week. Oh boy. Our place is about halfway packed and I am starting to really stress about it. It is seemingly impossible to play with Cannon while working and packing, not to mention things like showering and eating. Haha! We basically have very little food in the house as well since I don't want to pack up a bunch of food. Our freezer and pantry are usually full of things for our favorite meals... our meal calendar until we move consists of homemade pizza and eating out. Feel free to join us!

So our place is maybe halfway packed...I started weeks ago by packing up all the clothes we don't wear and things we don't use often. I also donated a bunch of clothes and threw away a bunch of stuff. Although I am organizing and cleaning as I go, I am staying away from really sorting things and getting stuck in the land of nostalgia. I tend to do that when I go through stuff. Luckily, we got a big enough moving truck that we should have to really take apart a lot of furniture. Not that we have a ton of furniture, but things like little bookshelves that are much easier to just leave in one piece.

So far, our bucket list is going well! Click here for an update.

Although the stress of moving makes me want to hire movers and pay them lots of money that I don't have, I am SO excited to be back home for a while! To be with family and lots of friends will be fantastic. We can go out with friends, have play dates, and take advantage of willing-to-babysit grandparents. :) We are very much looking forward to catching a few end-of-season Orems Owlz games and heading to Seven Peaks before they close.

Another random update...I can't seem to keep potted plants alive. I so look forward to one day having a garden, but these experiences make me afraid for my future garden:

Our first attempt was with Steve the Tree. Read about him here.
My second attempt was much more recent with beautiful flowers from my dad for Mother's Day.
The latest attempt was with my flowers from Scott for my birthday.

Guys, what am I doing wrong? It would help if I knew what type of plants they were, I suppose...

July 30, 2013

Scott's 28th Birthday

So. Here we are. Scott's birthday this year was pretty eventful. It fell on a Sunday just like mine, so we has to plan our funtivities on surrounding days.

Saturday night I baked a gluten free cake for Scott and it was sooooo good! I keep sneaking forkfuls off of the cake, hoping he won't notice.

Sunday morning we got up, got ready, then I took Scott up the airport before Cannon and I went to church. A fun birthday trip you ask? Not exactly. Scott had a board exam to take the next day - in Conshohocken, PA. He flew through Chicago to Philadelphia then rode the train out to Conshohocken and found his hotel where the service was incredible. He had a real Philly Cheesesteak for dinner (on a gluten free bun) and called it a day. 

Meanwhile, I fought the urge to eat out instead of cooking then watched countless episodes of New Girl after Cannon went to bed. It is officially my new favorite show.

Scott didn't sleep well because he was nervous about his test. It was an exam where they see a bunch of "patients" all day like they would as a doctor in a clinic. After getting through all the testing and being dismissed, he had a snack for the train ride back to the Philly airport. This is where things interesting. 

But first I should tell you what I was doing. Cannon had his nine month appointment so we spent some time at the doctor, then we headed downtown for lunch with Leslie at Something Italian. She and I used to go there often when we both worked downtown. After lunch Cannon and I spent time playing and packing, then he took a nap before we went back downtown to dinner at Zombie Burger. GREAT food and yummy shakes. Cannon even got to eat some fries. After dinner we walked along the river since the temp had cooled  down. During dinner Scott was supposed to be on his flight back, but I kept getting texts from him on the delayed status. So now to the interesting part:

Scott lost his ID sometime while going through security in Philadelphia. He had it to get in the scanner area, but then it was gone. His theory is that the guy in front of him stole it because said guy kept going on and on about how people steal stuff from others at security. After checking with TSA he gave up on finding his ID and went to board his plane. After getting on the plane and taxiing out to the runway, they were behind about 20 other planes to takeoff. When it was almost their turn, they were routed to a new runway where they were third in line. As their turn came again, they had to head back to the gate to refuel. They made their way to a third runway, but after a grand total of about five hours on the tarmac they went back to the gate and the flight was cancelled.

Since Scott had already missed his connecting flight to Des Moines, there wasn't much difference between being stuck in Philly and being stuck in Chicago, but he called the airline to get rebooked. After explaining the issues, the girl on the phone informed him that he was rebooked out of Chicago the next morning. The only problem there was that Scott didn't have a way to Chicago. After a few other mishaps with the airline, and "sleeping" on some chairs in the airport under a leaky roof, Scott made it to Chicago the next morning. After getting a handwritten boarding pass because the attendant didn't know how to work the printer, Scott got on the plane bound for Des Moines. But wait! They sat on the plane for well over an hour before being told that the pilot simply didn't show up and the flight was cancelled. Oh my.

Thankfully, Scott was able to be booked on a different airline and made it home that afternoon. We went straight home and made pizzas before Scott took a shower and had a nice nap. Now we wait somewhere around 10 weeks to get his scores back. In the meantime he will sit for two more board exams during the first week of August. Then we will live it up for our last few weeks in Des Moines!

July 23, 2013

The Big Two-Five

People on the interweb (I love saying "interweb". I find it rather funny) I had a birthday. Recently. Like, just over a week ago. As you may have guessed, I am now 25 years old! Last year I was talking to my good friend Nicole (whom I have known since we were seven) about what it might feel like to turn 25. Well, it really didn't feel like anything too special. I guess when you turn 25 you can get a discount on car insurance and you can officially rent a car without the extra fees for being under 25. But other than that? I think the main milestone is that you are halfway to thirty. I'm getting up there folks! Ok, ok, I know I'm still young. 25 is nothing!

As all my fun email birthday coupons started rolling in I got very excited. Baskin Robbins, Culver's, Red Robin, Dairy Queen...all great places! Since my birthday fell on a Sunday (and we don't really "go out" on Sundays, in order to keep the Sabbath) we celebrated over the course of a few days. I have no complaints. A few days before was Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day, so Cannon and I dressed up and got our free meals. By "dressed up" I mean that I taped spots to our clothes and spent zero money (that's the idea behind a free meal, right?). It was awesome!

On Saturday, Scott and I decided to eat out at Culver's with our BOGO coupon only to realize we no longer have a printer and the coupon has to be printed. Long story short, we were saved by Casey and Leslie! Thanks again, guys. We got dinner to go, put Cannon to bed, then ate while watching a movie. I think it was October Sky. Good show. On Sunday, Cannon woke up at 5:30, then we took a little nap an hour later before we needed to get up and get to church. We got through half of sacrament meeting and I thought to myself, "Maybe we can make it through the whole meeting!". In that same moment, Cannon started freaking out, so he and I spent the rest of the hour in the foyer. For the next two hours of church, Scott took Cannon while I was in primary (per usual) and they took a drive so Cannon would nap. When church was over, Scott picked me up with a little flower plant in hand! He had bought it a few days before and kept it hidden in the car.

1. It's funny that I didn't come across it on accident.
2. I can't believe that it lived through two days of heat + no water in the car.

Scott also had some cheetos and cherry coke zero waiting for me. He knows me so well, that guy. After snacking and napping, we had Casey and Leslie come over for dinner. We always have so much fun with them! Overall, it was a great few days and we ended the day with a family Skype session.

I know it's not the important thing, but I did get a couple of other awesome gifts. When we got home from church our neighbor came over to deliver a gift that had been left for me: an edible fruit bouquet from my BFFE Liz! It was awesomely delicious. I also got some fun cards from parents and grandparents, a fun singing voicemail from my mom and a fun singing video from my sister, and (drumroll please) an "Alaska Grown" shirt from my dad. If you are an Eastland, you understand the importance of the shirt. I'm so glad to have one! With the shirt came a stuffed moose as well - my little brother Sean will realize the greatness of my new 'moosen'.

And I didn't forget to use by BOGO Blizzard coupon at DQ. Worth it.

Independence Day 2013

Our Fourth of July was pretty great. Usually, I would love to head to Utah Lake and spend a few hours on the boat or the wave runners, but we had a good time with our Iowa pals.

We had a pretty chill morning, then headed over to Brad and Erica's house to help them pack up their U-Haul trailer. After finishing up our work there, we all went to Casey and Leslie's house to grill and chill. It was nice to just relax and spend time together. This was kind of our "last hurrah" since we are all moving away and really don't know when we will all be together again. The food was good, the company was great, and we had a great time.

After we got home and put Cannon to bed, Scott and I watched The Bourne Supremacy. We love the Bourne movies (way back from our dating days), and had watched the first one the night before. We followed up the next day by watching the third one. You know what though? We can't bring ourselves to see the new one because it doesn't have Matt Damon in it.

Anyway, we had some sparklers to light and I was excited to show Cannon, but we put him to bed and haven't really had a chance since. It doesn't even get dark until 10:00 and that is well past his bedtime.

July 7, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Maybe I never officially mentioned this, but we are moving back home! We have rotations set up in Utah and Arizona, with more in Idaho that are pending. We plan to finish Scott's last year while being closer to family before we get locked in with a four-year residency somewhere in the country.

When we first moved to the Midwest we said something like "we will be living so close to so many things, we have to go while we're there!" although those plans quickly faded as we grew more and more comfortable with staying home on our couch.

Now that time is running short, I have created a bucket list of things to do and places to go before we move. I know that we won't be able to do it all, especially because Scott has so much on his plate right now. If he isn't on rotation, he is studying for boards or planning rotations for next year. I think things will ease up once he has taken his boards, but he has a few different exams and test dates so by the time he is done we won't have much time left! Here is the list (the big things anyway). Tell me if there is something you think I missed!

Updates (as of 8/13 are italicized)
  • Iowa State Fair - apparently this is one of the top one hundred things to do in the United States. This will be our third "State Fair Season" in Iowa and we have yet to see what the hype is about. I am looking forward to seeing the famous Butter Cow and trying some deep fried oreos. We have plans to go this weekend!
  • Iowa Cubs Game - We have been to one game this season, but I would love to go to one or two more! They have dollar days with cheap tickets and cheap hot dogs. What is it about eating a hot dog at the ballpark? I don't know, but they are delicious. So this one kind of got nixed since we just weren't feeling it the other night. We still have a few more chances, but we have the Orem Owlz in our sights. They will still be playing the first few weeks that we are in Utah, and we have passes!
  • Incredible Pizza Company - we have some cash cards to use at this place. They have food and arcade games. I see a date night in our future! So this got changed a little too, due to some issues with the groupon that we had. Instead of this, we went mini-golfing and to the driving range with the Stettler's. So fun!
  • Drake Cake Shake - I don't know exactly what this is, but Leslie said it is a MUST. So it's on the list. Okay. This was basically the best shake of my life. Leslie and I went to the Drake Diner where they serve these shakes. They take a real piece of cake and mix it in with the ice cream. YUM.
  • Berry Patch Farm - we have been to this place before to go berry picking, it's in Nevada, Iowa (pronounced Na-vey-da). They have all kinds of berries throughout the summer and they are delicious! I really want to go back, and soon! This had to be nixed from our list as well since we ran out of days where Scott and I were both off of work.
  • Omaha, Nebraska Zoo - we have heard that this is one of the best zoos in the country, so we definitely need to go! Check! We had a great trip to the zoo over the weekend. More on this soon!
Let the fun begin!

July 6, 2013


After our short time in Utah, we jumped back in the car (what's another 380 miles, right?) and headed up to Boise for Scott's rotation. We drove up on Sunday afternoon and got to stay for two glorious weeks. Scott may describe the trip a little differently since he basically had to work most days, but I had a splendid time! I didn't have to work while we were there, and it was so nice to just be home with family. Spending time with everyone was pretty much the best thing ever, but having Cannon play with everyone was even better. A fun side note, I also had awesome babysitters available almost 100% of the time.

Scott and I even went on a date. Just the two of us.

We didn't just sit around the house even though the temperature outside was unusually hot.

Went to some awesome wedding receptions. The photo booth is so in. I had no idea!
The first reception was a carnival theme, which was really fun. At the end, the wedding party jumped into the pool.

Installed an awesome baby gate (using Ranger Dave's innovative ideas)
Spilled the scout stew (also see bottom right)
Had Cafe Rio and visited Scott's high school on our date
I got a haircut at a legit salon from an awesome lady

We ate together at some yummy places, and took family photos!
Unrelated to the family photos, we all happened to wear pink on the same day.
We took the babies to the splash pad, which was so much fun!
Walks around the neighborhood were a daily affair (as was going to the grocery store...)

Our trip home was much shorter as we got to fly back to Des Moines. When Cannon was born we borrowed Melanie's car since she was living in the dorms and didn't need it. We drove it back for her to have this year. :)
The boys both got some shuteye on the flight. I also had to take a picture of the legit changing station in the airport bathroom. It had a nice, clean built in bed with a private sink and a counter. So nice!
Scott also came up with a great way to carry the awkward car seat. Next time we should just invest in the little rolling bag things.

June 29, 2013


For the past few weeks we have been "vacationing" in Utah and Idaho. We left Des Moines on the last day of Scott's Comp Week (the last week of third year where all the students come back to campus for testing, lectures, and "free" food) and made it to Cheyenne, WY to stay the night. This was Scott's (and Cannon's) first time in the car that long, so it was quite the milestone. The next day we got up and finished the drive to Utah where we stayed almost two days before continuing to our destination in Idaho. We logged lots of hours in the car, and I think we all handled it relatively well.

While we were in Utah I got to spend time with my sister Cherish and her daughter Meadow. This was Cannon's first time meeting them, which was so fun! We let the babies play together, had family and friends over, and just enjoyed being together for the first time in months. Scott spent a few hours on the golf course and loved every minute of it (aside from his usual sunburn) before joining in our pre-Fourth-of-July festivities.

We captured a few family photos with everyone who was able to make it to our family shindig, and I think they turned out rather well. Especially considering that we had eight kids ages eight and under that we were trying to get in one picture. We were also joined by Scott's sister Janelle and our good friends Dave, Jan & Marcus.

Cherish and I switched babies for the funny photo. I think it's pretty funny...

June 27, 2013

Med School Flashback

Has it been three years already? Seriously. Everybody says that school will go by fast, but when it's happening you don't really feel that way. Now that we are 3/4 of the way done (not including residency) I am looking back and thinking, "Where did the time go?"

It seems like just a few months ago we had family in Des Moines with us for Scott's White Coat Ceremony when school started. It feels like only weeks ago that family was back in Des Moines for part of spring break. And now? Now we are planning to have everyone back in less than a year for graduation!

Do you like Scottie's outfit in the picture above? I took this as he headed to school for his professional photo (just a head shot) and his OMM practical exam.

Looking forward, we have big plans! At this point it is easy for our plans to change at the drop of a hat, but here is what we currently have in store starting July 1:

  • 8 weeks in Des Moines for rotations in anesthesia, sports medicine, and ICU
  • 4 weeks in Utah County (potentially...we are waiting on an approval) for a rotation in something...I can't remember
  • 4 weeks in Tucson for anesthesia
  • 6 weeks of vacation time over the holidays
During this time Scott should also be heading to various residency interviews. That means it's time to apply to programs and get him a new suit (those old mission suits aren't quite up-to-par anymore). Crazy! We don't have much else planned yet, but we are officially moving out of Iowa and will be living back home! For the rest of the academic year we plan to be in Utah or Idaho for rotations. It will be so nice to be home for a while before moving away again for the next four years. 

We Have Been Keeping Busy. For Real.

Usually, we don't have a lot going on. We work, we sleep (not through the night of course - lol), we eat, we stay at home a lot...but lately, we have been so busy! On June 1st, Scott ran Dam to Dam which is the country's biggest 20k race. It starts at Saylorville Lake and finishes in downtown Des Moines. Scott signed up for it the day registration opened to be sure he could have a spot, because it is a really popular race. It turned out a little rough because Scott sprained his ankle pretty bad a few weeks beforehand, but he had a nice time on the run. Cannon and I went downtown to cheer Scottie across the finish line then had a really hard time finding him again in the crowd.

After the race we met up with our friends (shout out to my Iowa bestie Leslie!) and walked through the farmer's market (which is seriously awesome) then met up at Brad and Erica's for lunch. It was so much fun just relaxing with friends and playing with the babies.

A week after running Dam to Dam, Scott ran a half marathon in Maryville, Missouri with his cousin Jeff. Jeff came to town a few days early so we all went to an Iowa Cubs game the night before they drove down to Missouri for the race. They stayed in some college campus apartments and ran the race before driving home. We all had lunch together, then the men drove out to Newton for a NASCAR race that got rained out.

Aside from Scott's cool hobby (I just can't bring myself to run...if I can start it and keep with it then I feel like it's something I could do. Hmm.) I have done a few fun things lately as well. Cannon and I headed downtown for lunch with my previous boss Curtis and ate at a gourmet hotdog place that was pretty good. We had also built up an embarrassing number of soda cans so we spent time in the recycling room at Walmart. Oh, and remember the flowers I got for Mother's Day? They are no more. They were kind of dying but still sprouting new leaves so I was hopeful. Then I caught sight of a squirrel eating them. Bummer. I think they may have needed a permanent place in the ground - not a pot.

Lastly, Scott finished up his third year of med school. So great, right? He is officially a fourth-year student and we are excited. The coming year is going to bring lots of new places and experiences for all three of us, and I can't wait! My next post will be a glance back at the past few years of school, so stay tuned!

June 20, 2013

My Baby Brother Is All Grown Up!

Ok, so he isn't a baby anymore. He isn't little either. I guess I should say "younger". My younger brother Sean has officially graduated high school, and he is 18! It's crazy. Just crazy! I can still picture little Sean like it was just yesterday that we were living in the same house and sharing the backseat in the truck on car trips to California. He is, quite simply, the best. Since words won't do him justice, here are some fun photos.

Here are some classic "Sean" pictures. Some of these photos really show his goofy little self.

Here are shots of Sean and I. We have always been best pals! They are all from our younger days, with one exception: the top left photo. He is now way taller than me.

Aaaaaand his high school graduation. Oh kid. Great job! Maybe I should stop calling him "kid" now? Nah. ;)

June 4, 2013

I Never Really Wrote About Mother's Day

So I mentioned it briefly, but Mother's Day is quite deserving of it's own post!


It's a crazy thing. I love it. I love being a mother. And I love having a mother.

We didn't do anything extravagant for Mother's Day, but I snapped a photo of Cannon and I while at church in the mother's room where I nurse him. Since he and I get to spend each day together, this day wasn't much different. But you know what? It was different in my mind. He doesn't know it yet, but Mother's Day is kind of a big deal. Especially when giving birth to your child is still so fresh in your mind (has it seriously been seven months already?) Every ounce of energy I have is centered on that little man and I love it. Sure, I like to have time to myself here and there. It doesn't hurt to be able to be in the bathroom by yourself while you take care of business...but I am so grateful to be his mother and to spend so much time with him.

Cannon is the best. I love our little boy.

Lately I have also been thinking about my mother-in-law a lot. I read this blog post with post-baby mother-in-law horror stories, and the comments were full of readers agreeing. The whole time I just kept thinking, "I have the best mother-in-law ever!" Seriously. I keep thinking back to while I was in labor and she was massaging my hands. Heaven.

You know what they say about being more grateful for your own mother once you become one? It's true. My mom raised five kids, and here I am sometimes struggling to raise just one. Every day I notice part of me that comes from my mom. Aside from the realization that she and I have the same looking bottom, I do a lot of things the way that she does. I even find myself laughing the way that she does! It's funny how I have continued to grow more and more like her.

You know who else? My grandma! She is in her nineties and can use the computer like nobody's business. A few months back I was able to skype with her one night. For real! She saw that I was online and called me for a little impromptu chat. It was the best! My grandma has taught me so many things and I have so many wonderful memories with her. Those are coming soon in another post.

May 31, 2013

First Family Road Trip!

Scott and I both had Memorial Day off, so we took to the road! On Friday we spent the evening at home. After Cannon fell asleep we were able to watch a movie together. It was really nice! On Saturday we spent the day at home as well cleaning, doing laundry and playing with the little man. That evening we had the missionaries over for dinner and three elders came. We had a good time! I made black bean enchiladas (soooo delicious) and made enough to send some home with the elders. They had a nice time with Cannon and after dinner we all talked about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families.

On Sunday we got up at went to church in the morning, and Cannon never really took a nap until we got home at noon. He slept while we packed up the car. It is hard to travel lightly with a baby on board! This trip was a great trial run for when we drive back west this summer. About an hour into our drive we came across an accident so traffic was backed up for a while. Soon after we got out of that little jam it started to rain. Not just rain, but pour. You know, like it does in the Midwest? I couldn't go over 50 mph for a while while it rained. What should have taken about three and a half hours took us five, but no complaints from me! I think that is pretty good considering the traffic, weather, and stopping twice for the little man.

After reaching our hotel we skyped with the Millers and had fun chatting with them. We can't wait to visit soon! Then we walked next door to Culver's for burgers. Yum! After that it was bed time for the little one while we stayed up watching TV. We don't have cable so it was fun to actually watch TV for a bit. Haha!

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel before heading to Mall of America. That place was pretty cool! Sure, a mall is a mall anywhere you go, but this mall is huge. And has tons of cool stuff. And I loved it there. And I want to go back just to shop. After the mall we drove into St. Paul to visit Rice Park and the Saint Paul Cathedral. At the park there were some cool statues of Peanuts characters as Charles Schulz is from St. Paul. There was also a statue of F. Scott Fitzgerald because he is from St. Paul as well. We didn't stop to go inside the cathedral or anything, but it was beautiful! Getting back to the freeway we wound through some neighborhoods just loving the houses we saw.

On our way out of town and back to Iowa we stopped to see the Fort Snelling National Cemetary. We didn't even know it was nearby until someone had mentioned it to me at the hotel during breakfast. We didn't spend much time there because it was so busy (being Memorial Day and all) but it was incredible to see and remember those who have sacrificed so much for the freedom that we have.

At Mall of America! The Peeps store was my favorite, with the Lego store being a close second. They had tons of HUGS characters built out of legos and some wall art built from legos too. And check out that wall full of bins of legos! Scott really enjoyed that. :)

Rice Park with all the statues. The weather was perfect while we were out at the park - not too hot and not too cold. And it wasn't raining!

I am going to post a few more pictures of our trip on Cannon's Blog soon, so be sure to visit! If you need an invite, let me know.

May 24, 2013

Mikarose Clothing

Guys. Er, um, girls. Yeah this is more for girls. Unless you are a guy that likes to buy clothes for your lady. Modest, stylish clothes. It has probably  been around for a while, but I just discovered Mikarose clothing when I was back home in Utah. Walking through their store I wanted to buy just about everything, but as I am currently nursing, many of the super-cute dresses would just sit in my closet for a while. I did find one dress that looked good for nursing, the Rebecca dress. I tried it on and was sad to say it didn't fit quite right on my shoulders. I would have spent more time perusing but I had an antsy six-month-old with me. I can't wait to go back!

So today I stumbled across this blog, Our Daily Obsessions. Not only do I really like this blog, but they just posted a giveaway for $50 at Mikarose! Yes, please! I never seem to win things like this, but it is still worth a shot for something this great!

May 21, 2013

It's May. That's Summer, Right?

The month of May really seemed to sneak up on us this year. Cannon and I got back from Utah on May 3 and came home to cold air and snow covered cars. It seriously felt like February! It was a little disappointing especially after getting myself some new summer clothes while on our trip. I also got Cannon some cute swimwear. Swimming this summer? I think yes!

All the pictures that I have taken so far this month are of Cannon, with these few exceptions:

Some yummy meals I made that were pretty easy and gluten free! I altered them a bit, but here is a link to my Pinterest board with recipes that we have tried and love.

I got Cannon a fun little doctor's kit that was $2. I won't open it for a while because he will just chew them up with his teeth right now. I got a beautiful plant for Mother's Day and it has really bloomed nicely! I also took a photo of my bag at church on Mother's Day, as well as the aftermath of my rose once Cannon played with it a bit.

Technically, these photos have Cannon in them. Before we got the gate, I had to build a blockade so he couldn't get to the stairs. I got him some cute flip flops to match his swimwear, but of course he isn't ready for them yet. His knees have been getting so red from crawling everywhere. And of course a cool panoramic photo to show the mess in our living room. The stroller has since been put away and the swing lent to our friends.

Scott is one week into his last rotation of third year. Crazy! So including this week he has a total of four weeks left: three of Psychiatry and one back at DMU for some exams and board-prep. Then, we are off to Idaho for two weeks. YAY! During our time at home Scott will actually be on rotation and "working" but it will be so great to just be around family for a bit. After that brief rotation (and the official star of fourth year!) we will head back to Des Moines until mid-September. What comes next you ask? Things are still in the works but looking good for us to move back west! We plan to be in Idaho and Utah until Scott starts residency in the summer of 2014. I could only be more excited if we were going sooner. :)

May 20, 2013

Our Trip To Utah

Cannon and I had a great time on our (almost) two week trip to Utah. We saw so many friends and family members (Cannon got to meet most of his cousins), ate at all my favorite places (including home), and enjoyed all the festivities. I will tell the story of our trip in photos.

We left Scott behind in Des Moines while he was on his surgery rotation. He spent many long days and a few nights at the hospital while we were gone. Our first day in Utah we got up and went straight to the dentist so I could get a broken tooth fixed. We also got to check out Grandpa Steve's new car!

We ate lots of yummy food. In N Out, Jamba Juice, Cafe Rio, Zupas...
We also had our fill of creamies/ice cream bars and yummy home cooked meals!

We had a peep roast with my family.
Basically we use peeps to make s'mores. They are delicious!

We got to see lots of friends! We had a Lunch Group Reunion dinner and a BBQ with all my high school friends from my home ward.
We also got to see the Peterson's and one of my BFFs Leslie.
Cannon got to see me hold another baby for the first time...he wasn't too pleased at first.

We got to play with cousins and go for a walk in the wagon.
I love that Taylor is smiling at Cannon while he tries to get to her.
I love that all the kids are looking at Cannon instead of the camera. Haha!

We spent time with aunts, uncles and grandparents.

We attended all of Janelle's graduation festivities at BYU! YAY JANELLE!

We visited great-grandparents and gave them loves.
We saw my brother Sean perform with his school orchestra.
We got to see all of my mom's awesome handiwork from her pottery class!
She even made me a special mug that I used to drink hot chocolate. SO wonderful!

It was a wonderful trip and I was a little sad to leave Utah. We missed Scott a lot and he definitely missed us. We can't wait to live closer to home again!

Update: I forgot one other really important thing we did!
The night before leaving Utah I went to Cafe Rio and got a pork burrito, then put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I packed it in a tupperware in a tiny cooler with some ice packs. Then, I brought it back to Des Moines for Scott. It was an awesome surprise and he loved it! The tupperware didn't make it though...

May 6, 2013

Visit From Cousins!

My cousin Skyler and I were very close while growing up and especially through high school and our first year of college. He and I are only a month apart and get along really well. We have always been able to be very open and honest with each other.

Last month, Skyler married a great girl named Sylvia. I am so excited for them! After their honeymoon, they packed up their belongings and moved to South Carolina for Skyler's new job. They left Utah the day before I left Iowa, so it seemed that we were going to miss each other. Instead, Skyler drove through Des Moines and they stopped to see us just a few hours before we left. Favorite cousin award!

It was great to meet Sylvia and to see Skyler after a few years. Cannon got along great with them! He and Sylvia had a lot of fun together while Skyler said that he "doesn't hold babies". Something about being thrown up on by his niece once. Cannon really wanted to sit with Skyler but couldn't, and it was fun for me to watch all the action.